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Discovery wk 18

Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, was the son of a poor traveling ____ doctor
For ransom money to bail Miguel out of prison in Algiers, his sisters sold their ____. dowries
In the year 2002, Don Quixote was voted the world's best ___ by 100 writers from 54 countries. fiction
It was 1605 before ___ were certain that the continent of Australia existed Europeans
Australia is three ___ square miles and home to marsupials, giant crocodiles, and the world's most poisonous ___. million, spider
Australian Aborigines still gather today at ____ festivals to celebrate their unique heritage. corroboree
Halfway across the Atlantic Ocean, John Smith was accused of planning a ___ and placed in chains. mutiny
Though not well liked, John Smith became a leader at ___ in the colony of Virginia. Jamestown
According to John Smith, his life was spared by Pocahontas, a Native American princess and the daughter of ____. Powhatan
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