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Review Ch.10-11

Ch.10-11 Morality

spreading lies about people and causing others to judge them falsely and harshly calumny
an offense against truth when we brag about ourselves at the expense of others boasting
People commit the sin of _____ when they speak of someone's faults without good reason, even if the faults are true. detraction
putting on a fake appearance hypocrisy
speaking or acting untruthfully in a way that deceives someone who has a right to know the truth lying
gives some people a sense of power; like a weed; it can grow anywhere gossip
To commit the sin of _____ is to assume something about someone without any evidence. rash judgement
lying to one's self about abilities or behavior self-deception
trying to restore a person's reputation after spreading gossip about the person reparation
justice make sure that... we seek the common good of the human family
racism and ethnic bias... continue to be problems throughout the world
we become just when we... recognize the dignity of all human beings
return of something stolen from another restitution
copying material from a book and saying it is ours plagiarism
when people own more money that they should, at the expense of the poor... they are stealing
the right to private property... has been supported by the Church
the Church teaches that companies... have a right to make a profit
fair pay for the work being done just wage
being jealous of what others have and would take it for yourself if you could envy
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