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Discovery wk 16

Sir Walter Raleigh named the east coast of America ____ in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Virginia
The settlement at Roanoke has been nicknamed the ___ Colony because it disappeared into history. Lost
Sir Walter Raleigh grew famous for introducing ______ to Ireland and ____ to England. potatoes, tobacco
In a war against England, Philip II assembled a huge naval fleet nicknamed the "Invincible ____." Armada
The Spanish sought to fight on the sea by using ____ hooks and man-to-man combat. grappling
Sir Francis Drake, the English vice admiral, sailed eight ____ ships straight into the Spanish Armada. flaming
Michel de Montaigne formalized the personal ____ style of writing still enjoyed today. essay
Montaigne was considered to be very much a ___ toward life, and he influenced many with his views. skeptic
As mayor of Bordeaux, Montaigne supported Henry of ___ in his efforts to make peace between the warring faiths of France. warring
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