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Discovery wk 15

I am the final stages of a dying star. What am I? supernova
Though I was a brilliant astronomer, I never agreed with Copernicus that the earth revolves around the sun. Who am I? Tycho Brahe
Relying on the notes of Tycho Brahe, I figured out that planets rotate in ovals, not circles. Who am I? Johannes Kepler
Under Elizabeth I, I looted Spanish ships loaded with silver from Panama. Who am I? Francis Drake
I am the ship that sailed Francis Drake all the way around the world. What am I? Golden Hind
I was a present to Francis Drake from Elizabeth I, who finally acknowledged my adventures. What am I? green silk scarf
I am the naem of two provinces in the Netherlands. What am I? Holland
Though I experienced many failures, I led the Dutch in a revolt against Spain. Who am I? William the Silent
I was signed by the northern provinces of the Netherlands in 1581 to be free of Spain. What am I? Dutch Declaration of Independence
Created by: kimaslone