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Discovery wk 14

In addition to being almost 6 feet tall, Mary, Queen of Scots, was known for having beautiful, slender ___ hands
An ___ infection caused the sudden death of Mary's husband, Francis II (the young dauphin of France). ear
Mary's death sentence was signed by her cousin, ___ after Elizabeth kept her imprisoned in England for years. Elizabeth I
Jeanne d'Albret was both the queen of Navarre and the ___ of Bearn. countess
Amid civil war in France, Jeanne d'Albret sold her crown __ to help support Protestant troops from La Rochelle. jewels
Jeanne d'Albret fought ___ for years, but it finally took her life at age 44. tuberculosis
The art of ___ was one of many graceful things that Catherine de' Medici introduced to France. ballet
In 1572, a massacre of Huguenots in France coincided with St. ___ Day. Bartholomew's
Henry of Navarre famously said "_____ is well worth a Mass" when changing sides in the French religious wars. Paris
Created by: kimaslone