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Act of Seclusion 17
McCartney Missions 17
Philosophical Enlightenment 17
Qing (Manchu) take power 17
British East India Comp. forms 17
Louis XIV takes power 17
Aztecs build Tenochtitlan 14
Black Plague 14
Mali Empire rules West Africa 14
Great Zimbabwe constructed in East Africa 14
Mansa Musa makes pilgrimage to Mecca 14
Yuan dynasty overthrown 14
Roman Empire 1-6
Han Empire 1-6
Gupta Empire 1-6
Bantu Migrations 1-6
Mayans established 1-6
Silk Road 1-6
Songhai empire rules West Africa 16
Great Sword Hunt of Japan 16
Da Vinci paints Mona Lisa 16
Cortez and Pizarro conquer Aztec and Inca 16
Ottomans capture Belgrade and attempt to attack Vienna 16
Martin Luther starts Protestant Reformation 16
Atomic bomb developed 20
African Independance movements 20
India independence 20
Communist revolutions 20
UN forms 20
Globalization 20
Genocides (Armenian, Germany, Cambodia, Serbia, Sudan, Rwanda) 20
Ghana rules West Africa 10
Mayans fall in Mexico 10
Vladimir of Kiev adopts Eastern Orthodox Christianity 10
Christian monks develop beer 10
Song dynasty takes China 10
Muhammad makes Hijrah 7
Ummayed Caliphate established 7
Tang Dynasty established 7
Taika Reforms 7
Srivijaya empire 7
Middle ages 7
Stirrup invented 7
Crusades 12
Song Dynasty falls 12
Renaissance begins 12
Angkor wat constructed 12
Incan Empire founded 12
Zheng He makes voyages for Ming 15
Songhai rules West Africa 15
Portugal finds sea route to indian ocean 15
Ottomans conquer Constantinople 15
Gutenburg develops printing press 15
Atlantic slave trade 15
Arawaks destroyed by genocide 15
American revolution 18
Peter the Great Westernizes 18
British East India Company takes ports in Mughal India 18
French Revolution 18
Industrial Revolution starts in Britain 18
Suez canal completed 19
Conference of Berlin 19
Treaty of Nanking 19
Sepoy Rebellion 19
Latin American Revolutions 19
Ottoman Tanzimat Reforms 19
Germany unites 19
Italy unites 19
Europe industrializes 19
New Imperialism 19
Charlemagne starts Holy Roman Empire 9
Abbasid golden age 9
Ghana rules West Africa 9
Mayans rule Mexico. 9
Srivijaya build Borobodur 9
Ghana Empire dominates gold/salt trade 11
1st crusade begins 11
William conquers England at Battle of Hastings 11
Viking Migrations 11
Song dynasty inventions 11
Spain ruled by Muslims 11
Tale of Genji 11
Beijing constructed by Kublai Khan 13
Magna Carta in England 13
Marco Polo reaches China 13
Fall of Ghana Empire 13
Aztec empire formed 13
Mongols kill caliph of baghdad 13
Ummayed Muslims conquer Spain and North Africa 8
Charles Martel stops Muslim conquest of Europe 8
Abbasid Caliphate takes over Ummayeds 8
Indian Ocean trade begins 8
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