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Discovery wk 11

In 1547, Ivan the Terrible declared himself the tsar of ___. Russia
Ivan the Terrible sponsored the building of ____ to commemorate his victory over Muslim Tatars. St. Basil's Cathedral
The Oprichnina, or "separate estate," grew to be the infamous Russian secret ____. police
With sincere dedication, Ignatius Loyola set out to find the ____. Holy Grail
In allegiance to the pope, Ignatius Loyola founded the ____. Jesuits
Francis Xavier traveled over 5,000 miles as a ____ to India, Sri Lanka, the Moluccas, and Japan. missionary
In exploring parts of Canada for France, Jacques Cartier was met by friendly ___ Indians. Micmac
Hernando de Soto retraced the journeys of Juan Ponce de Leon and searched for gold in ___. Florida.
While searching for the Seven Cities of Cibola, Francisco de Coronado and his men came across the beautiful sight of ______. the Grand Canyon
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