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World History

Globe A model of the earth
Hemisphere How the earth is divided up into halves running north and south as well as east and west
Equator Divides the earth into the northern and southern hemisphere
Prime Meridian Divides the earth into eastern and western hemisphere
Longitude Imaginary lines running vertically that measure the earth in degrees east and west
Latitude Imaginary lines running horizontally that measure the earth from north and south
Cartographer A map maker
Index Part of the textbook that indicates where you can locate terms and names
Glossary Area of the book where you find definitions
Table Of Contents Area of the book where you can locate the pages of certain units and chapters
Units Areas of the book that group chapters together in a common subject
Chapter Area of a book that contains information about a specific subject
Observation A clear visual or audio clue that can lead to an inference
Inference A educated guess that lead from a clear observation
Primary Source A source of information coming from a first hand account
Secondary Source A source of information coming from a second hand source
Culture The values, attitudes, and customs of a group
Historian One who is an expert in history
Archaeologist A scientist who finds and studies the things people left behind
Artifact An object made by a person for a practical purpose
Anthropologist A scientist who studies the beginnings and behavior of people
Radiocarbon Dating A way of measuring the radioactivity of historic artifacts to determine how old they are
Prehistory The time before humans left written records
Hominds A group that includes humans and their closet relatives
Cro-Magnon The hominid homo sapiens, a direct ancestor of modern humans
Ice Age Period of time when much of Earth and Earth's water was frozen
Extinct No longer exists
Paleolithic Age The earliest period of human history, called the Stone Age
Nomad A person who moves from place to place
Monument An object or building honoring a person or event. usually made of stone
Civilzation A large of people who have cities, governments, and a high level of development as a group
What Things Did The Invention Of Agriculture Lead To Agriculture lead to the development of civilizations, structured governments and permanent residence
What Is The Defining Characteristic Of What We Call Prehistory The defining characteristic of prehistory is the time before written records
Created by: JayEDM