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(Willis) Byzantine

Byzantine Empire

A disease that spreads quickly is called a _______. Plague
Rapidly increasing prices is called ________. Inflation
To exchange goods without using money is called ________. Barter
Emperor Constantine moved his capital from Rome to _______, which is now called Istanbul. Constantinople
Who was the first Christian Emperor of Rome? Constantine
What emperor wanted to reunite the Roman Empire? Justinian
What Empress helped women to gain more rights? Theodora
The Byzantine Empire was a Crossroads for _________. Trade
Byzantine writers copied the works of Ancient ________ writers? Greek
When _________ took power in AD 284 he introduced reforms and political change to make things better. Diocletian
Western Rome Declined because of _______, ______ & ______. Poor Leadership, Constant Invasion, Uncontrolled Immigration
Rome faced constant invasion and uncontrolled immigration from _________. Germans
__________ introduced major reforms to the Roman Empire, but they all failed. Diocletian
___________ moved the capital of Rome to Constantinople. Constantine
__________ divided the Roman Empire into two separate Empires, East and West. Theodosius
The ______ & ______ were barbarian hordes that sacked Rome. Visigoths, Vandals
The Western Empire fell when _________ forced the last emperor, Romulus Augustulus to dissolve the Empire. Odoacer
_______ is important because it was a crossroads of trade and a source of wealth & innovation. Constantinople
________ improved women’s rights in the Byzantine Empire. Theodora
_________ was the Roman General who reconquered Western Rome for Justinian. Belisarius
_________ is best known for reconquering most of the Western Roman Empire, revising Roman Laws, & building the Hagia Sophia. Justinian
______is the church Justinian is best known for having had built. Hagia Sophia
Emperor Leo III made the use of icons illegal in what became known as_____. The Iconoclast Controversy
The ______ Church split after the Pope and the Byzantine Patriarch Excommunicated each other. Christian
The official split in the Christian church that created the Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Church was called the _____. Great Schism
The Byzantine Empire fell in ______, when it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks. 1453
______ was the founder of Islam. Muhammad
_____ initially spread by force. Islam
The ________ are the main teachings of Islam Five Pillars
_______ is “Struggle in God’s Service” Jihad
______is law created by Muslim Scholars over the centuries. Sharia Law
______ was Muhammad’s successor. Abu Bakr
______split because not all muslims believed Abu Bakr was Muhammad’s successor. Islam
Islam split into two groups, the ______ & the _____. Sunnis, Shiites
The _______ created an empire after the death of Ali. Ummayads
_________ was the first major Female Historian. Anna Comnena
The Byzantine empire was weakened by ____________ & __________. Plague, Invasions
______ is the holy text of Islam. Quran
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