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European Expansion

colonial power a country that owns a settlement in another part of the world
colony a settlement in another part of the world that is still controlled by the home country
colonist a person who lives in a colony
colonization when a country sets up settlements around the world
astrolabe a device used to determine latitude
caravel a type of ship with triangular sails that could sail faster and in any direction
compass a device used to show direction
export to sell goods to another country
import to purchase goods from another country
favorable balance of trade exporting more than importing
entrepreneur a person who starts their own business
tariff a tax on imported items
capitalism an economic system based on private ownership of business and competition for profits
mercantilism an economic theory whereby colonial powers built up their gold and silver through trade
Columbian Exchange a worldwide exchange of goods, ideas, and people
isolationism when a country closes itself off to outside influences
cash crops items grown on a plantation to make a profit
merchant a business person who trades
indentured servant a person who agrees to work for a certain number of years in exchange for passage to the Americas
Why were colonies necessary for mercantilism to work? Colonies provided natural resources.
How were Asians viewed during European expansion? As equals to Europeans
Why were Africans brought to the American colonies as a source of cheap labor for the plantations
What is the goal of mercantilism? to create a favorable balance of trade by exporting more than importing
Why did China and Japan turn to isolationism? They saw Christianity as a threat to their power
How did the slave trade effect African society? it weakened the power of African nations
What was a settler colony? Permanent settlement that is governed by the home country
What was a trading post? a station for trade
What was a plantation colony? a large estate for farming cash crops
Which group used the Native Americans as slaves in plantation colonies? Spanish
Which group traded with the Native Americans and had good relationships with them? French
Which group forced the Native Americans off their lands so they could build settler colonies there? English
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