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Chapter 8 part 3

Female system diseases and gyncology

radical mastectomy removal of breast tissue nipple lymph nodes and underlying chest wall muscle
modified radical mastectomy removal of breast tissue nipple and lymph nodes
simple mastectomy removal of breast tissue and nipple
subcutaneous mastectomy removal of breast tissue only
segmental mastectomy removal of a quadrant or wedge of breast tissue
lumpectomy removal of the cancerous lesion along with a margin of surrounding healthy breast tissue also called partial mastectomy or breast conserving surgery
anterior and posterior colporrhaphy surgical repair of a weakened vaginal wall to correct a cystocele
conitzation surgical removal of a cone shaped area of the cervix used in the treatment for noninvasive cervical cancer or cone biopsy
dilation and curettage surgical procedure to widen the cervix and scrape the endometrium with a instrument called a curette
endometrial ablation procedure to destroy or remove the endometrium by use of laser electrical or thermal energy
laparoscopy or laparoscopic surgery visual examination of the abdominopelvic cavity
myomectomy excision of a fibroid tumor from the uterus
sentinel lymph node biopsy injection of blue dye and or radioactive isotope used to identify the sentinel lymph nodes
stereotactic breast biopsy technique that combines mammography and computer assisted biopsy
tubal ligation closure of the uterine tubes for sterilization by typing ligation
uterine artery emboilzation minimally invasive procedure used to treat fibroids of the uterus by blocking arteries that supply blood to the fibroids
hysterosalpingogram radiographic image of the uterus and uterine tubes
mammogram radiographic image of the breast
mammography radiographic imaging of the breast
sonohysterography process of recording the uterus by use of sound
colposcope instrument used for visual examination of the vagina and cervix
colposcopy visual examination of the cervix and vagina with magnified view
culdoscope instrument used for visual examination of douglas cul-de-sac
culdoscopy visual examination of douglas cul-de-sac
hysterscope instrument used for visual examination of the uterus
hysteroscopy visual examination of the uterus
transvaginal sonography ultrasound procedure that uses a transducer placed in the vagina to obtain images of the ovaries uterus cervix uterine tubes and surrounding structures
CA-125 cancer antigen-125 tumor marker blood test used in the detection of ovarian cancer it is also used to monitor treatment and to determine the extent of the diseases
pap smear cytological study of cervical and vaginal secreations used to determine the presence of abnormal or cancerous cells
gynecologist physician who studies and treats disease of woman
gynecology study of women
gynopathic pertaining to disease of women
leukorrhea white discharge from the vagina
mastalgia pain in the breast
mastoptosis sagging breast
menarche beginning of menstruation
vaginal pertaining to the vagina
vulvovaginal pertaining to the vulva and vagina
contraception intentional prevention of conception (pregnancy) may also be referred to as birth control
dyspareunia difficult or painful intercourse
fistula abnormal passageway between two organs or between an internal organ and the body surface
hormone replacement therapy replacement of hormones estrogen and or progesterone to treat symptoms associated with menopause
premenstrual syndrome syndrome involving physical and emotional symptoms occurring in the 10 days before menstruation
speculum instrument for opening of a body cavity to allow visual inspection
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