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Chrstian Scriptures

1520 treatises1520 treatisesTo the Christian NobilityThe Babylonian Captivity of the ChurchThe Freedom of a Christian "To the Christian Nobility"Attacks idea of papal infallibilitySays Pope is center of church’s corruptionAppeals to German national prideThe Babylonian Captivity of the Church Attacks Sacramental System except Lords supper and BaptismThe Free
Martin Luther (1483-1546 lawyerin lightening storm becomes an Augustinian monkteaching at University of WittenbergTravels to Rome in 1510troubled by corruption he finds
Things that trouble Luther Selling of indulgencesPope sells grace earned by Christ on crossSelling church positions, annulments, etc.Salvation based on works (penance) not faith
the 95 Theses 1517Pope sells bishopric to German nobleman for mpney to build St. Peter’s BasilicaLuther posts “95 Theses” to church in WittenbergPope should free people out of love not not out of money
Key Ideas of Luther Sola fide- salvation faith alonesola scriptura-ninle is source of authorityall believers can communicate with God
Diet of Worms Emperor Charles V threatened to excomminicate him if he didnt recant his writings
John Wycliffe Believed in predestinationTherefore sacraments unnecessary for salvationTranslated Bible into EnglishDied before convicted of heresyFollowers-Lollards
Jan Hus Lived in Bohemiaechoed Wycliffe’s views on church corruption in 1408Believed everyone should have bread and wineInvited to Rome for debate and killed
Schism of 1388 early 1300s, Popes live in Avignon, FranceBabylonian Captivity of the ChurchPopes seen as vassals of King of FranceTwo popes appointed in 1388Divide loyalty of European bishopsDivision lasts until 1417
Renaissance Rebirth of Classical Language and early philosophical ideasHumanismIndividualism
Ad Fontes Rebirth in classical language"Back to the sources"
Lorenzo Valla Expertise in classical languages and opposed the Pope discoverrd Pope forged documentsThe Donation of ConstantineWorks of Pseud-Dionysius
Erasmus 1466-1536In Praise of FollyTranslated many classics from Greek, including Bible Erasmus “laid the egg that Luther hatched”Found in the classics a pure gospel
Ulrich Zwingli 1484-1531Brought Reformation to Zurich, SwitzerlandInfluenced by Erasmus and humanismDefended the “sausage-eaters”Strict BiblicismMore radical than Luther
Marburg Colloquy Division between Luther and Zwingli over presence of Christ in Eucharist
John Calvin 1509-1564Brought Reformation to Geneva, SwitzerlandImposed strict order and discipline thereTULIP belived in predestinationFounded Protestant
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