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Colonial Expansion

7-1.1 - 7-1.3

circumnavigate Circle the globe/world
conquistador Spanish soldiers who conquered people in the New World
compass Navigational tool that uses a magnetized needle to determine direction.
astrolabe Navigational tool that allowed sailors to use the position of the sun and stars to determine latitude.
rudder A flat, moveable piece at the rear of the ship that makes it easier to steer.
caravel Light ships that sat high in the seas - allowing them to sail close to shore and into shallow inlets
mercantilism An economic theory that depends on a greater amount of exports than imports in order to increase a country's supply of gold and silver (wealth for the Mother country).
capitalism A system in which people, rather than governments, own property, make goods, and buy and sell them freely for a profit.
import A good brought into a country from another country
export A good that is sent from 1 country into another
balance of trade Difference between what a nation imports and exports
tariff Taxes on foreign goods
interdependence Relying on one another for goods and resources
Line of Demarcation A line on the globe drawn by the Pope to divide new lands between Spain to the West and Portugal to the East.
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