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HR Chapter 2

Vocabulary Specialties

Dermatology specialty dealing with disorders of the skin.
neonatology specialty dealing with disorders of a newborn.
gynecology specialty dealing with female reproductive system.
orthopedics specialty dealing with disorders of the internal organs.
internal medicine specialty dealing with disorders of internal medicine.
obstetrics specialty dealing with care of pregnancy and delivery.
pediatrics specialty dealing with treatment of children.
otolaryngology (ENT) specialist dealing with disorders of ear nose & throat.
urology specialty dealing with the urinary tract.
neurology specialty dealing with disorders of nervous system
Fee for Services (FFS) method of payment based on a specific schedule of fees for services provided.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) type of health plan that provides the most benefits when patients receive services from an "in network" provider.
Primary Care Physician (PCP) physician with ongoing responsibility for overall treatment of patient.
Human Maintenance Organization (HMO) oldest form of managed care plan.
Clara Barton Founder of American Red Cross +
Florence Nightingale founder of professional nursing.
Hippocrates "father of medicine"
Family Practice comprehensive medical care for individuals of all ages from infant to the elderly.
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