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Which statement is INAPPROPRIATE prior to phlebotomy procedure? A) This won't hurt a bit B) State your name C) Spell your last name? D) I'm here to draw your blood A) This won't hurt a bit
PPE includes which of the following? A) CPU's B) Notebooks/paper C) Clipboards for requsitions D) Gowns,aprons gloves D) Gowns aprons Gloves
Which body system provides support and allows body to move? A) Reproductive B) Muscular C) Digestive D) Skeletal D) Skeletal
Which body system provides CO2 & O2 exchange? A) Nervous B) Endocrine C) Respiratory D) Reproductive C) Respiratory
Which type of blood cell is most numerous in circulating blood? A) Platelet B) Macrophage C) RBC's D)WBC's C) RBC's
The liquid portion of an anticoagulanted blood specimen is called? A) serum B) plasma C) oxygenated blood D) cellular components B) plasma
Which of the following veins are most commonly used for venipuncture? A) brachial B) cephalic C) popliteal D) median cubital D) median cubital
Which nosocomial infections are most prevalent? A) wound infections B) dermal infections C) UTI D)respiratory tract infection C) UTI's
Which is the primary function of isolated procedures? A) keep hospital clean B) provide protective equipment C) provide education to employees D) prevent transmission of communicable diseases D) prevent transmission of communicable diseases
Which reflects the concept that all patient blood & body fluids are contaminated? A) protective or reverse precautions B) drainage/secretion precautions C) respiratory precautions D) Universal precautions D) Universal precautions
Which fie extinguishers should be used when fire occurs near or in electrical equipment? A)Class A B) Class B C) Class A or B D) Class C or ABC D) Class C or ABC
Which anticoagulant is found in a green-topped tube? A) EDTA B) Sodium citrate C) Sodium heparin D) Ammonium oxalate C) Sodium heparin
When blood is collected , the serum should be separated from the blood cells as quickly as possible to avoid A) glycolysis B) hemolysis C) hemostasis D) hemoconcentration B) hemolysis
Color coding indicates a needles? A) gauge B) length C) manufacturer D) anticoagulant A) gauge
Most common venipuncture site is located in which area? A) middle finger B) middle forearm C) dorsal side of wrist D) antecubital of arm D) antecubital of the arm
How long should tourniquet be on? A) no more than 1 minute B) approx. 4 minutes C) till needle is removed D) until entire procedure is done A) no more than 1 minute
Alcohol should be allowed to dry completely prior to skin puncture to A) prevent stinging B) prevent dilution of sample C) prevent lysis of RBC's D) allow formation of a round drop of blood C) prevent lysis of RBC's
During venipuncture, a hematoma may result from what? A) needle is occluded B) needle bevel is against wall C) needle bevel is partially inserted into a vein D) patient has coagulation problems C) needle bevel is partially inserted into a vein
What type of specimen is requested for an ova & parasite analysis? A) CFS B) fecal C) synovial fluid D) Amniotic fluid B) fecal
Child refused to have blood drawn was locked in room by phlebotomist & forced to have blood drawn. This scenario is called what ? A) misdemeanor B) informed consent C) assault/battery D) invasion of privacy C) assault/battery
Term used to describe when body is still at rest, approx. 12 hours after last meal,exercise, or activity? A) basal state B) metro state C) state of equality D) enzymatic state A) basal state
Color coded tube most frequently used with hematological tests? A) red B) green C) lavender D) lt. blue C) lavender
Color coded tube most frequently used with coagulation? A) lt. blue B) lavender C) green D) red A) lt blue
Another name for platelet? A) thrombus B) leukocyte C) erythrocyte D) thrombocyte D) thrombocyte
Protime & aPTT analyses are conducted in what dept.? A) hematology B) coagulation C) microbiology D) clinical chemistry B) coagulation
The anticoagulant heparin is used in tubes with what color tops? A) lt. blue B) lavender C) green D) red C) green
Therapeutic drug level testing, " peak level " refers to which, if any, of following? A) lowest concentration of a drug B) mid-level concentration C) highest concentration D) no "peak level" C) highest concentration
Most common antiseptic for routine blood collection is? A) providone-iodine B) 70% isopropyl alcohol C) 5.25% sodium hypochloride D) soap/water B) isopropyl alcohol
Following venipuncture, which of the following should be applied to site? A) cotton ball B) ACE bandage C) alcohol wipe/pad D) clean,sterile gauze D) clean, sterile gauze
Fully stocked phlebotomy tray readily accessible to tech while performing venipuncture should include what? A) needles of various sizes B) needle holder/adapter C) evacuated blood collection tubes D) all of the above D) all of the above
Partial penetration of the upper wall of a vein may? A) increase protein B) alter trough level C) affect cell volume D) allow blood to leak into subcutaneous tissue by way of bevel D) allow blood to leak into subcutaneous tissue by way of bevel
Single most important factor in collecting an uncontaminated blood culture? A) proper collection site preparation B) use of winged infusion device w/o tube holder C) collection of blood culture after lab tests are drawn D)not applying safety transfer A) proper collection site preparation
Healthcare facilities achieve greatest reduction in accidental exposures by requiring a combo of ? A) syringes/needles B) safe products/practices C)sharps containers at point of use D) modified tube holders/needles B) safe products/practices
What antiseptic do you use to collect a blood culture? A) peroxide B) witch hazel C) isopropyl alcohol D) chlorhexidine gluconate D) chlorhexidine gluconate
How long should a patient fast,if at all,when Dr. orders lipid profile? A) Not required B) 1-2 hours C) 3-5 hours D) 12-14 hours D) 12-14 hours
Phone rings in lab in which phlebotomist is only one present. What do they do> A) Let it ring for voicemail to answer B) answer it& transfer call to proper dept. C) answer call and put on hold for receptionist to handle D) forward call to lab tech workin B) answer call and transfer to proper dept
Unlabeled specimen comes to dept. What do you do?A) place it near centrifuge B) label it after getting info C) discard it & get redraw D) locate person who drew sample & have them label it C) discard it & get redraw
An expiration tube of 12.05.11 means A) tube may be used till 12.04.11 B) tube may be used till 12.05.12 C) tube may be used till 12.05.11 D) not relevant; should be used till tubes are exhausted C) tube may be used till 12.05.11
Phlebotomy tech is obtaining diagnostic blood specimen when a family member enters isolated rm without proper attire. Tech should A) inform nurse B) Tell fam member to go C) ignore the problem D) instruct fam member of proper protocol D) instruct fam member of proper protocol
Outpatient reports syncope. Phlebotomist should A) provide emesis basin B) have patient lay down during venipuncture C) tell them syncope has no bearing on collecting D) apply cold compress B) have patient lay down during venipuncture
Blood specimen should be drawn according to A) CAP B) CLSI C) CDC D) OSHA B) CLSI
Complete clotting of blood specimen can take up to A) 10 min at room temp B) 30 min at room temp C) 30 min at refridgeration temp D) 2 hours at room temp B) 30 min at room temp
Dept responsible for reporting a patients blood type? A) Chem B) Blood bank C) Hematology D) Microbiology B) Blood bank
Chain of infection requires which of the following? A) an implant B)A clot formation C) A closed fracture D) A susceptible host D) A susceptible host
A court trial w/ a phlebotomy related nerve injury is asked what angle is proper for needle insertion. Response is? A) 15-30 B) 35-40 C) 40-45 D) 50-55 A) 15-30
Careful site selection & limited needle relocation helps prevent A) injury B) contaminated sample C) false-pos blood cultures D) falsely elevated potassium values A) injury
A Dr. must be consulted prior to venipuncture or capillary puncture on? A) child B) outpatient C) unconscious patient D) a prior mastectomy patient D) a prior mastectomy patient
Most common injury occurring during venipuncture if NOT performed according to to standards? A) diaphoresis B) nerve injury/hematoma C) loss of pt consciousness D) insertion of needle at 15-30 degrees B) nerve injury/hematoma
Hemoglobin & hematocrit are analyzed where? A) hematology B) Coagulation C) Microbiology D) Clinical chemistry A) hematology
Which one of the following is sufficient proof deviation from a standard of care has occurred?A) liability B) performance C) documentation D) specimen collection C) documentation
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