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Discovery wk2

The Tatar Mongols were descendants of the "great and terrible" Genghis Khan
____ the Great was first the prince of Muscovy. Ivan
Princess ___ was the last royalty of the Byzantine Empire and head of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Sophia
Bartolomeu Dias named the tip of Africa the "Cape of ___" because of treacherous sailing conditions. Storms
King John of Portugal renamed the tip of Africa the Cape of Good ___ to make it sound more appealing. Hope
Many of Vasco da Gama's crew were tough ___ convicts
Lorenzo de' Medici etched on his armor Le Temps Revient, meaning "The ___ Returns." Age
Lorenzo enjoyed hosting great ____ for the city of Florence. parades
Sandro Botticelli painted Mystic ____ to portray the birth of Christ. Nativity
What event caused the Russians to view themselves as the New Rome? Ivan the Great married Sophia, one of the last royal members of the Byzantine Empire & the person who inherited the power of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Who freed Russia from the Tatar Mongols, and what name did he earn for this great feat? Ivan the prince of Muscovy, freed the Russians from the Tatar Mongols, earning the name Ivan the Great.
Why did King John II of Portugal rename the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope? He wanted it to sound more appealing to explorers and sailors.
By giving power & land to his military, Ivan the Great created what system in Russia? Feudalism - a system in which peasants/serfs work for landowners in exchange for food and shelter.
Which romantic language did Lorenzo de'Medici take Italy back to and why? Latin to Italian because it was the most beautiful for song.
Which grandson of Cosimo de' Medici was called "The Magnificant" and why? Lorenzo de'Medici because he did great things for Florence, Italy, through politics, poetry, and patronage.
What was the result of Vasco da Gama's sinking of an Arab ship with 300 Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca? It convinced the Arabs to accept da Gama's demands and reopen trade routes between the East and West.
How did Lorenzo de' Medici avoid a war with Naples? Lorenzo traveled to Naples unarmed & without bodyguards to explain to King Ferrante I his predicament with Pope Sixtus IV. Gained King's respect & stayed as guest for 3 months.
Created by: kimaslone