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Unit 1.2

S.W. Asia Middle East Environment Vocabulary

Oil largest natural resource in the Middle East
Water necessary for people and animals to live and crops to grow; most people live close to water supplies, such as rivers or urban areas.
Natural Resource something that is found in nature and is necessary or useful to humans.
Irrigation process to move water from rivers, lakes, or other water supplies to farms
Agriculture farming; major source of survival in rural (less-developed) areas, such as Afghanistan
Water rights agreements about how countries can use the water in a region.
Aquifer an underground layer of material from which groundwater can be extracted
Occupied Territories areas taken from other nations following a war
Water Pollution contamination of water bodies, such as rivers, oceans, lakes, and groundwater, caused by human activities.
Extraction process of taking natural resources out of the ground
Desalination process for removing the salt from salt water to make it suitable for drinking and farming
Dead Sea lowest point on the earth's surface and has the highest concentration of salt
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