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Discovery wk1

Pre-test challenge questions

I am a flower representing the House of York in England. What am I? white rose
I was the princess of Castile and became the queen of Spain. Who am I? Isabelle
I am a flower representing the House of Lancaster in England. What am I? red rose
I am the nickname for a royal English bodyguard. Who am I? Beefeater
We were a rich family of bankers in Florence, Italy. Who are we? Medici Family
My name means Angelic Brother. I painted for the glory of God. Who am I? Fra Angelico
I am remembered as the Father of Italy. Who am I? Cosimo de' Medici
I was the prince of Aragon and became the king of Spain. Who am I? Ferdinand
I was a Dominican friar hired to oversee the Spanish Inquisition. Who am I? Tomas de Torquemada
What is another name for the Yeoman Warders, the English guards King Henry VII created to protect him from assassination? Yeoman Warders were also called "Beefeaters."
Because of being so appreciated for all he did for Italy, what name was Cosimo de' Medici given? Cosimo de' Medici became known as Pater Patriae, which means "Father of His Country."
Which three statues are considered Donatello's best works? Donatello's best works are the statue St. George, the Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata, and the bronze statue David.
What name was given to those who studied the ancient texts written by Greeks & Romans and who often valued the greatness of mankind above all else, even above God in some cases? These individuals were called "humanists" because they studied "the humanities."
Who began the Spanish Inquisition? What was its primary goal? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella began the Spanish Inquisition. The primary goal of the Inquisition was to take back Spain by driving out anyone who was believed to be opposed to Christianity, such as the numerous Jews and Muslims who lived in Spain.
What result did the Edict of Expulsion, which was signed by Ferdinand & Isabella in 1492, have on Spain? The Edict of Expulsion forced Jews to leave Spain within three months if they were not willing to be baptized. With them went their businesses, skills, books and families, a loss that was felt deeply by Spain.
Created by: kimaslone