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Day one

Human Geography The study of how people are where they are and why.
Culture Integrated systems of LEARNED behavioral patterns which are characteristics of members of a society.
ESPN-HD An acronym- E: economics S: social (culture) P: political (laws) N: nature H: historical D: demographics
Economy The production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of LIMITED GOODS AND SERVICES by different agents in a given geographical location
Social (culture) Inheriting and disse,imagine norms; describes a process which may lead to desirable or 'moral' outcomes in the opinion of said society (this idea is what unites people)
Political Influencing other people on a civic or individual scale; social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies to modern local governments
Nature How humans interact with the environment
Historical Study of the past, how it relates to humans AFTER WRITING IN 3500 BCE
Demography The countable statistics of a given population at a specific point in time (mainly age and gender)
What caused huge jump in population? Industrial revolution and new technologies that came with it.
Created by: rachel.camille