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World History Unit 1

Paleolithic Era - River Valley Civilizations

Nomad A member of a group that has no permanent home, wandering from place to place in search of food and water.
Neolithic Revolution The major change in human life caused by the beginnings of farming - that is, by people's shift from food gathering to food producing.
Domestication The taming of animals for human use.
Civilization A form of culture characterized by cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technology.
Fertile Crescent An arch of rich farmland in Southwest Asia, between the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea.
Polytheism A belief in many gods.
Monotheism A belief in a single god.
Cuneiform A system of writing with wedge-shaped symbols, invented by the Sumerians around 3000 B.C.E.
Hieroglyphics An ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictures were used to represent ideas and sounds.
Scribe One of the professional record keepers in early civilizations.
Monsoon A wind that shifts in direction at certain times of each year.
Feudalism A political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to their king, in exchange for their loyalty, military service, and protection of the people who live on the land
Artisan A skilled worker, such as a weaver or a potter, who makes goods by hand.
Created by: Mrs. Krieger