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Beta Blockers

Carnegie ICVT Summer Beta Blockers Homework

What is the "beta" that beta blockers block? Beta adrenergic receptors of the SNS
Which of the following conditions might be an indication for beta blockade? BPO 190/101; V-fib; Complete heart block; Bacterial endocarditis; Acute papillary muscle rupture BP 190/101
for what purpose are cardiac patients often prescribed beta blockers? Anti-anginal
A patient on Lopressor complains of fatigue and slow heart rate. You suspect: Normal effect of beta blockade
Labetolol/ Normodyne/ Trandate is a/an Beta blocker
To reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, angina pectoris patients sometimes take: Lopressor
fatigue and slow heart rates often occur with administration of: Beta blockers
Beta blockers tend to end in the letters: lol
The generic name for Inderal is: propranolol
The following pathology is a relative contraindication for administering certain beta antagonists: Status asthmaticus
What are some indications for administering beta blockers: Coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysm, HOCM
Which of the following drugs, when used in therapeutic doses, intentionally depresses the pumping action of the heart: Nitro, Lidocaine, Atropine, Propranolol, Epinephrine Propranolol
Which of the following is a reasonable dosage for IV Inderal? 50grams
Patients receiving beta blockers have: Increased R-R interval
Created by: ICVT2b