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MOM Ch 5 & 6

Side B

an automated system that allows callers to leave a voice message for the intended recipient Voice messaging system
a telephone answering system that automatically picks up a telephone call electronically Automated system
numerous people different location Conference call
numerous people same location Speaker telephone
a telephone feature that allows the receptionist to place a caller in a queue in order to take another call Hold feature
a telephone feature that allows users to automatically redial a number until someone answers the line Automatic dialer
a telephone system that electronically answers and routes telephone calls after receiving a prompt from the caller Automatic routing unit
Good etiquette smiling; have good manners; DO NOT use first name
Only transfer call back to the doctor that the physician determines
Method of prioritizing calls telephone triage
a patient who has established care in the medical office Established patient
any patient who has never been seen or has not been seen within the past 3 years by a provider in the facility New patient
Deal with/take care of which patient first angry
2 steps for hard to understand callers repeat what you think you heard; DO Not interrupt
method of answering calls when the doctor is out of the office Answering service
4 things to include when calling in a prescriptions & refills name & telephone number of the patient; birth date of patient; name of the medication; name & telephone number of the pharmacy
Most important thing about getting an interpreter is making sure you have the right language
a telephone system that allows for communication with a person who has a hearing impairment Teletypewriter (TTY) system
Notify patients of delays
The amount of time needed for patient appointments depends on the type of practice & the preference of the healthcare providers
a system for mapping out the appointment times available in the medical office Matrix
a scheduling system in which several patients are booked around the same block of time Cluster scheduling
a scheduling system in which each patient is given a specific appointment time Fixed appointment scheduling
a scheduling system in which patients are scheduled only for the first half of each hour Wave scheduling
open times Buffer time
must be documented No shows
When scheduling hospital services & admissions you may be responsible for giving directions; prep orders; dietary restrictions; procedure length; forms to take
You may be responsible for arranging transportation
when scheduling appointments make sure to allow appropriate amount of time
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