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WHA Unit 6 Review

This declared the Americas off limits to further colonization by the Europeans. Monroe Doctrine
Name for the Spanish colonists in Latin America who were born in Spain. peninsulares
Saint Domingue became independent from ________in 1804 and changed the name to Haiti. France
Who was elected president of the Second Republic in France? Louis Napoleon
These people worked for universal manhood suffrage in the nineteenth century Chartists
She was in charge of the Women's Social and Political Union and encouraged the use of militant direct action instead of peaceful demonstrations. Emmeline Pankurst
People of European descent who were born in the spanish colonies in Latin America were called creoles
Important legislation and amendments were passed during ________ to protect the rights of formerly enslaved people in the U.S. Reconstruction
Prejudice towards Jewish people in France was seen during the Dreyfus Affair
This act caused a debate between proslavery and antislavery Americans Kansas-Nebraska Act
Why did the U.S. go to war with Great Britain in 1812? Great Britain was seizing American sailors
This person became emperor of Mexico by bringing together creoles, peninsulares, royalists, and revolutionaries. Agustín de Iturbide
________ replaced Charles X during the Revolution of 1830 Louis Phillipe
This gave industrial cities representation in Parliament for the first time. Reform Act of 1832
How did Brazil achieve their independence from Portugal? Prince Pedro declared Brazil independent
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