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AP Unit 1

Paleolithic Era - River Valley Civilizations

Paleolithic Old Stone Age, a long period of human development before the development of agriculture
Neolithic Revolution New Stone Age, which was marked by the discovery and mastery of agriculture
Nomads People without a permanent home who travel from place to place to find food and water.
Pastoralists Those whose livelihoods are based on raising and herding livestock
Mesopotamia "Between the rivers" in this case the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
cuneiform "Wedge -shaped" written language of the Sumerians, possibly the first written script in the world
ziggurats Mesopotamian temples
city-state Urban areas that controlled the surrounding agricultural regions and often loosely connected in a broader political structure
Hieroglyphics Ancient Egyptian written language
Pharaohs Egyptian kings considered to be gods on earth
Monotheism Belief in only one god
Polytheism Belief in many gods
Caste/Varna A fixed class system in which one is born into, determines social hierarchy and occupation.
Karma Hindu concept that the sum of good and bad in a person's life will determine his or her status in the next life
Mandate of Heaven Chinese belief that the emperors ruled through the mandate, or approval, of heaven contingent on their ability to look after the welfare of the population
Oracle bones Chinese Shang dynasty means of foretelling the future
Metallurgy The art and science of extracting metal from their ores and modifying the metals for use
Created by: Mrs. Krieger