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MED104 Mrs. D

Flashcard ch. 17 - 18

-phobia fear
thry- thyroid
pituit- pituitary
adren/o- adrenal
dwarf- miniature
gigant- giant
pituitar- pituitary
emac/i- make thin
calc- calcium
cortic- cortisone
-ster- steroid
gluc- glucose
-agon contest
-neo- new
pancreat- pancreas
glyc- glucose
dips- thirst
poly- many, much, excessive
delus- deceive
hallucin- imagination
hom/i- man
cid/e to kill
psych/o- mind
pyr/o- fire
-mania frenzy
schiz/o- to split, cleave
-phren- mind
somn- sleep
agor/a- marketplace
claustr/o- confined space
mute silent
noia- to think
su/i- self
klept/o- to steal
narciss- self love
comorbidity presence of two or more diseases at the same time
homicide to kill man
delusion condition to deceive
hallucination process of imagination
insanity condition of not sound mind
psychiatry treatment of mind
psychology study of the mind
pyromania frenzy with fire
schizophrenia condition to split or cleave the mind
mania frenzy
phobia fear
insomina inability to sleep
posttraumatic occurring after by trauma
acrophobia fear of heights
agoraphobia fear of public places
claustrophobia fear of confined spaces
mute unable or unwilling to speak
suicide to kill self
amensia forgetfulness
kleptopmania frenzy to steal
narcissism a process of self-love
psychopath disease of mind
comorbidity presence of two or more diseases at the same time
endocrine to secrete within
hormone chemical messenger
parathyroid beside the thyroid
pituitary pertaining to the pituitary
adrenal pertaining near the kidney
acromegaly enlargement of the head, face, hands, and feet
dwarfism condition of miniature
gigantism condition of giant
hypopituitarism deficient of pituitary hormones
panhypopituitiarism deficient of all the pituitary hormones
hypercalcemia excessive calcium in the blood
euthyroid normal thyroid function
exophthalmos protrusion of the eyeball
hyperthyroidism condition of excessive thyroid hormones
hypothyroidism condition of deficient thyroid hormones
diabetic pertaining to diabetes
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyperglycemia high blood sugar
polydipsia excessive thirst
polyphagia excessive eating
polyuria excessive production of urine
Created by: Mrs.Debo
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