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Pol Vio Terr Tst 2

Political Violence and Terrorism - Test 2

Boko Haram is a terrorist group that is affliated with what country Nigeria
Al-Queada is responsible for which attacks in 1998 bombing of the us embassy in kenya and tanzania
U.S. Support for the Phoenix Program occurred during which US Conflict? Vietnam War
Describe Richard Reid He was a lone wolf terrorist, who tried to blow a flight from Paris to Miami
The Intifada was an uprising among which group of people? Palestinians in Gaza and Israel
The ETA is a separatist group from which part of the world? Basque region of Spain
Hezbollah is tied to which state with regard to terrorist assistance Iran
Pol Pot was the authoritarian leader of which country Cambodia
SAVAK was the secret police used to stop political dissent in which country Iran
The Iran-Contra scandal involved the United States covert sales of weapons to Iran in order to support efforts to topple a leftist regime in which country? Nicaragua
Which Latin American country was not known for death squad activity and "disapperances" in the 1980's? Costa Rica
Pan Am flight 103 was shot down in which part of the world? Lockerbie, Scotland
Which leader initiated the removal of the Four Olds? Mao Zedong
Which organization was put in charge of notifying the military in the event of the hijacking during 9/11? Federal Aviation Administration
The "Killing Fields" of Cambodia were an outgrowth or at least made possible by which regional conflict? Vietnam War
One of the attempts to assassinate Bin Laden did not work because of the presence of which person? a member of the royal family and government official from United Arab Emirates
Al-Queada can be classified as nihilistic because they do not offer an alternative to their current situation in the world but want to overthrow a system nonetheless
Yassir Arafat can best be identifed as the leader of what organization? Palestinian Liberation Organization
The Hutus and Tutsi's engaged in genocide in this African nation Rwanda
Religious communal terrorism is also as ____________ Sectarian Violence
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by a radical extremist for which religion Jewish
State terrorism is LEAST likely to occur in which type of government system? Democracy
3 statements that are true regarding states's use of terrorism Terrorism is an efficient, convenient and gernerally discrete way to confront the enemy / Sometimes conventional warfare is not practical or effective / Some nations are unwilling to appear as an aggressor and thus will work through these means
Which world leader was assassinated by Sikh in 1984? Indira Gandhi
The Mujahedeen were Islamic fighters who confronted which world power in Afghanistan in the 1980's? Soviet Union
The term "ZOG" refers to the alleged occupation/control of the American government by which group? Jews
The Japanese terrorist cult Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) carried out which terrorist attack in 1995? a Sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo Subway
Which pope stated that soldiers who die in the Crusades would ascent to heaven? Urban II
Ideological terrorism was replaced with _________ terrorism after end of the Cold War religious
The traditional Islamic veil has been banned for women in which country? France
The target of the London bombings of 2005 was: London Public Transport System
Why has preaching Jihadi beliefs been easier to do in the United Kingdom? They have substantial access to freedom of speech in the UK
Why was Salman Rushdie targeted? His comments about Mohammed in the book "The Satanic Verses"
The term "Al-Qaeda" means The Base
Israeli support of Bin Laden's terror network did not contribute to: 9/11 terror attacks
Richard Clarke was: the head of the counter-terrorism during the Bush and Clinton administrations
Which communist organization committed genocidal terrorism in Cambodia? Khmer Rouge
Shah Reza Phlavi can be best identified with which country? Iran
Which country was known for trying to remove the Four Olds? China
Al-Shabaab is a terrorist group from which African Country? Somalia
ORDEN can best be identified with which country? El Salvador
This Salvadoran Archbishop was murdered in 1980 Romero
The term "ethnic cleansing" was coined during the war in which country? Bosnia
The Thugee cult murdered millions of people in the 13th through 19th centuries in which country? India
Arabic term for "struggle"; also refers to holy war jihad
Hezbollah is translated to God with us
The predominant branches or traditions in Islam are: Shia / Sunni
How many commerical airliners were hijacked on September 11, 2001 4
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