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Pol Vio Terr Tst 1

Political Violence and Terrorism - Test 1

doctrine studied by St. Augustine that focuses on the right conditions to use violence just war
Latin phrase for the acceptable behavior to engage in while waging war jus in bello
euphemistically known as "enhanced interrogation techniques" torture
this phrase states that this type of crime will always be inherently wrong in society mala en se
radical opinions especially in politics that are characterized by intolerance toward opposing viewpoints extremism
groups deprivation and frustration are met by sustained repression in second class status; that group may opt to engage in violence to bring about change relative deprivation theory
crimes that are made illegal by legislation. Crimes that are not inherently wrong but have been declared so by society mala prohibita
opposed the economic transformations that were occurring during the industrial revolution luddites
US Naval base where suspected terrorists are held Guantanamo bay
this organization was also know as the narodnaya volya people's will
good example of regicide assassination of julius caesar
Zealots were known to targeted this group of people romans
che guevara was known for his liberation attempts in which 2 countries? bolivia and cuba
why was margaret thatcher targed by the ira? prime minister of parliament
the terrorist skills of anders brehvik were described as: lone wolf
Supreme court case that determined the terror suspects who hold U.S citizenship are entitled to due process and the ability to challenge their status as "enemy non-combatants Hamdi V. Rumsfeld
where is Guantanamo bay located Cuba
which group was known for the crime of Machine Breaking Luddites
Presenditial candidate Barry Goldwater stated that _______ in defense of liberty is no vise extremism
person famous for implementing the phrase "terror" as a part of policical violence edmund burke
best represents indiscriminate force against a noncombatant enemy the attacks on 9/11
basques have organized into violent groups to fight which european government spanish
important concept to understand the definition of terrorism politically motivated violence/directed against soft targets/an intent to terrorize a target audience
moral justification for violence from the waffen ss they were thought of as racially superior to the other members of society
bushido can best be identified with which country japan
ramzi yousef was the main perpetrator of the 1993 bombing of world trade center
guy fawkes plot was an attempt to blow up which institution british parliament
justification for guy fawkes actions he was upset with the catholics having to swear allegiance to a protestant leader
gerry adams was known for his aid in which country's struggle for independence ireland
NOT an aspect of modern terrorism surgical selection of targets
good example of discriminate force against a military (combatant) target us military action during the korean war
3 good example of traditional terrorism clearly identifiable organization / conventional weapons / grievances championing specific class or ethnic, nationalist groups
the phenomenon in which hostages begin to sympathize with their captors stockholm syndrome
convention addresses the rights of prisoners during times of war geneva
geneva convention was an outgrowth or consequence of _______ event world war II
Suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay were labeled "Prisoners of War" by the Bush administration FALSE
"It became necessary to destroy the village to save it" is a quote that can be attributed to the French Revolution FALSE
Ramzi Yousef was better known as the Unabomber during the late 20th century. FALSE
Ted Kaczynski was better known as the Unabomber during the late 20th century. TRUE
Groups like Hamas and the Irish Republican Army have been successful in turning their beliefs more mainstream as comparative to other terrorist organization TRUE
Ted Kaczynski was known for the murder of over 70 people at a multicultural camp in Norway FALSE
"Kamikaze" is a Japanese word that means "Divine Wind" TRUE
Terrorist activity is usually the last choice for most groups who want to make a political change to a system TRUE
The People's will was successful in assassinating the Czar of Russia TRUE
Symbolism is a central feature of Terrorism TRUE
Terrorism cannot be religious in nature FALSE
Criminal, Dissident and State are all examples of different types of terrorism. TRUE
The British government responded to Machine Breaking by making it an offense punishable by death. TRUE
The Zealots were among the first to use bombs as a means to assassinate their enemies. FALSE
Terrorist Groups are more likely to inflict mass casualties today than in generations before. TRUE
Terrorist are almost always clinically insane lunatics. FALSE
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