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Stack #22471

Soft inserts Type of foot orthoses. Purpose: reduce areas of high loading, restrict forces, protect painful/ sensitive areas of the foot. Ex: metatarsal pad
Cushion heel Type of foot orthosis. Purpose: cushions heel from forces at heel contact, relieves strain on plantar fascia
Craig-Scott KAFO Commonly used for paraplegics. Consists of shoe attachments w/ reinforced foot plates, BiCAAL ankle jts set in sl DF, pretibial band, pawl knee locks with bail release, and single thigh bands.
Oregon orthotic system Combination of plastic and metal components, allows for triplanar control in 3 planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, transverse)
Fracture braces KAFO device with a calf / thigh shell that encompasses the fx site
Created by: 2rabbits