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10th Grade Chapter20

Mass Society and Democracy

Karl Marx believed that a proletarian revolution was more likely to occur as a society became more _____________. industrialized
One similarity in the unification of Italy, the Zionist movement, and the breakup of the Ottoman Empire was that each was influenced by nationalism
Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto? Industrial
Long term effect of the Industrial revolution was the development of labor reforms and labor unions
As economically developing nations became more industrialized , which situation occurs most often? The traditional roles and values of women changed.
In the late 1800s, one response of workers in England to unsafe working conditions was to form labor unions
During the 1800s, reform legislation passed in Great Britain, France and Germany lead to legalizing trade unions, setting minimum wages, and limiting child labor.
Which statement is supported by the ideas of Karl Marx? Industrialization benefits the wealthy and exploits the poor.
Impressionism, cubism and surrealism generally refer to artistic styles
Which two major ideas are contained in the writings of Karl Marx? Class struggles and revolutionary change
A problem that faced the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire and now the Soviet Union is the tension between many different ethnic groups
A key idea in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is that workers should support the overthrow the capitalists system
The movement started by journalists Theodor Herzl to promote an independent Jewish state in Palestine is referred to as Zionism
Which is a valid conclusion about the development of democracy in Great Britain? The power of the monarchy declined over a long period of time.
The best example of the success of nationalism in Europe is the unification of Germany
The beginnings of both the Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution depended on technological advances
Which 19th century ideology lead to the unification of Germany and of Italy and to the eventual breakup of Austria-Hungary and of the Ottoman Empire? nationalism
During the 1800s, the writings of Marx, Engels and Dickens focused attention on the problems faced by industrial workers
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