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s.s final 2016 p2

constantine roman emperor; chose constanople as new roman capital; encouraged christianity
diocletian roman emperor who dived the empire into 2 parts.
pericles the leader of athens around 450 b.c. thought that all citizens should take part in government so he created the jury.
oligarchy richest and the most powerfull citizens made the decisions
daoism/taoism the belief of nature guiding their lives.
monarchy a government ruled by as king or queen
roman republic a form of government in witch citizens elect represenitives to speak and act for them.
longitude these lines show the distance in degrees east and west of the prime meridean
distribution map shows how people, languages, religion, rainfall or other information are spread out through an area.
political map shows capital cities, states, countries and other political information. many of these maps use lines to indicate borders. they may also use colors to show different political areas
physical map shows earths natural features such as landforms. man-made structures are not found on these maps. one type of physical map is an elevation map. these maps show the height of land above sea level.
time line a diagram that shows when events took place during a given of time.
primary source information about the past
Created by: livybob