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s.s final 2016 p1

a study tool for students in 6th grade

julius caesar a roman general who became the roman republics dictator in 45 b.c
historical map shows information about the past or where past events took place. the map title tells the subject of the map and often includes the date of the subject in the title.
agriculture the raising of crops and animals for human use.
social pyramid a triangular shaped chart that shows the rank of people in a society (ancient egypt )
surplus an extra amount of food
polytheism the belief in many differant gods
democracy every citizen had aright to vote
legalism a philosophy of strict government. citizens were encouraged to serve the needs of the state.
augustus the first roman emperor; established the pax romana
latitude these lines show the distance in degrees north and south of the equator
cuneiform a system of writing that caused wedged shaped symbols to represent sounds, ideas, and objects
monotheism the belief in only one god
confucianism a system of belief and behavior based on the teachings of confucius, who said that people should lead good lives by studying ancient traditions and stressed the importance of respecting one's family and ancestors.
alexander the great king of macedonia, his conquests had spread greek culture through out parts of the three continents.
Created by: livybob