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CN of Warfare

changing nature of warfare dates

event date
WW1 1914-18
WW2 1939-45
Arab-Israeli Conflict 1948-present
Vietnam War 1955-75
6 Day War 1967
War of Yom Kippur 1973
Afghanistan War (Russia) 1979
Falklands War 1982
1st Gulf War 1990-91
2nd Afghanistan War 2001-14
Iraq War 2003-11
sinking of the Lusitania 1915
Battle of the Somme 1916
Battle of Jutland 1916
America enters the war 1917
Battle of Fourth Ypres - Passchendaele 1917
Geneva Protocol bans use of gas in war 1925
Germany invades Poland using Blitzkrieg tactics 1939
Britain and France declare war on Germany 1939
Germany and Russia sign the Pact of Non-Aggression (Molotov-Ribbentrop) 1939
Battle of Atlantic 1939
Germany invades Holland and Belgium May 1940
Germany invades France and British army evacuated from Dunkirk May 1940
Italy declares war on Britain and France June 1940
Battle of Britain July - October 1940
Blitz begins 1941
Operation Barbarossa - Germany invades Russia June 1941
Pearl Harbour December 1941
The USA enter WWII 1941
Pacific War begins 1941
Siege of Leningrad begins 1941
Japan invades Burma, Guinea and Manila January 1942
Battle of Singapore February 1942
Allies begin bombing raids on Germany May 1942
Battle of Midway June 1942
Battle in Guadalcanal August 1942
Battle of El Alamein October 1942
USSR begins counterattack on German forces November 1942
HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse sunk defending Malaysia December 1942
German forces surrender to Russians at Stalingrad February 1943
Allies invade Sicily July 1943
Italy surrenders to Allies September 1943
American forces invade the Philippines October 1943
Second Blitz on Britain 1944
D-Day landings June 1944
Battle of Atlantic ends 1945
Battle of Berlin 1945
VE Day May 1945
America drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945
Korean War 1950-53
Cuban Missile Crisis 1963
Partial Test Ban 1963
6 Day War 1967
Non-Proliferation Treaty 1968
PFLP start terrorist activities 1968
Munich Olympics hostages 1972
SALT Treaty 1972
War of Yom Kippur 1973
SALT Treaty 2 1979
Brighton Hotel Bombing 1984
INF Treaty 1987
Created by: duane.humphreys