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Russia Dates

event date
Bolsheviks attempt to take control of the country, but fail. Lenin flees to Finland July 1917
Kornilov revolt September 1917
Bolshevik revolution begins 24th October 1917
All-Russian Congress of Soviets give power to Soviet Council of People's Commissar's 26th October 1917
Red Guards close down the Assembly January 1918
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 1918
Government moved from Petrograd to Moscow 1918
Germany defeated by Western Allies 1918
Civil War span 1918-1921
Red Army defeated by Poles outside Warsaw late 1920
Royal family executed 1918
'Red Terror' ends 1922
Food shortages begin 1920
Famine begins 1921
Kronstadt naval base mutiny February 1921
NEP introduced 1921
Industrial and food production reach same level as 1914 1928
'Purge' of party members 1921
Lenin outlines plans to overthrow PG April 1917
Lenin has a stroke 1922
Lenin dies 1924
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