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10th Grade Chapter19

Industrialization and Nationalism

Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Great Britain? There was an ample supply of human and natural resources
Which was a result of the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century? The structure of society changed to include a growing middle class.
Which is an important reason that the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain? Substantial sums of money were available for investment.
An important social aspect of the early part of the Industrial Revolution in England was the urbanization of factory workers
In Europe, which group benefited most from the industrialization of the 19th century? Middle Class
Which pair of natural resources were used to change transportation and manufacturing in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution? coal and iron ore
Which is a long-range effect of industrialization upon the status of women in Western societies? Increase in employment opportunities for women
The unification of Germany under Otto Von Bismarck demonstrates the impact of nationalism
Which statement best describes a major reason that the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain? Sufficient coal and iron ore reserves and a good transportation system were available.
Which condition is most necessary to the process of industrialization in a society? Availability of investment capital
A major reason the Industrial Revolution developed in Great Britain in the 1700s was because of Great Britain's Geographic features
Which 19th century ideology lead to the unification of Germany and of Italy and to the eventual breakup of Austria-Hungary and of the Ottoman Empire? Nationalism
A common element in the movements for German unification, Italian unification, and Indian independence was the strength of nationalists leaders
The invention of spinning and weaving machinery increased the number of workers in the textile industry in Europe because the demand for goods increased as goods became cheaper to produce
An important result of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th-century western Europe was that urbanization increased rapidly
During the 19th century in Europe, romanticism was frequently linked to which other movement? Nationalism
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