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Why was Empress Wu so significant in Chinese history? She was the first female emperor of China.
What were some of the greatest achievements of emperor Shi Huangdi? He constructed the great wall of China, the terracotta army, and his tomb which is rumored to be filled with rivers of mercury.
What was the basic outlook of life for Legalists? When you cast fear on citizens, they will listen.
What was the basic outlook of life for Taoists? Leave nature as it is, it makes no mistakes.
What was the basic outlook of life for Buddhists? When one free's themselves from desires, there will be no suffering and only happiness.
What was the basic outlook of life for Confucianisms? Life is unpleasant, make it peaceful.
Why was China isolated from the rest of the world? Blocked by physical barriers such as deserts, mountains, and Oceans.
True or False, China had a multi-ethnic structure. True
True or False, Mongolians ruled over China during the Ming Dynasty. False, Mongolians ruled during the Yuan Dynasty.
What was the last Dynasty of China? Qing
What did China import from other Countries? China imported textiles, spices, and some medicine from other Countries.
What did China export to other Countries? China exported silk, copper, and porcelain to other Countries,
What were the ships used fr trade called? Junks
Until what age were children educated? Eight years old.
Who was the leader of the Mongols when they conquered China? Ghinggis Khan
True or False, King Shang created common currency. False, Shi Huangdi created common currency.
Which river did the first settlers of the Chinese empire settle along? The Yellow river, or the Yangtze river? Along the Yellow river
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