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Who was the first emperor? Augustus
What was a popular bloody way for slaves to earn freedom To become gladiators
What did senatus populusque romanus SPQR means? The senate and the People of Rome
How many people are in the Roman senate? 600
Which emperor command to build a wall in the northern side of the Roman Empire? Hadrian
What is the name of the most important city of Roman Empire? Rome
Where did gladiator fights happened? Colosseum
What is the title given to the leader of Roman Empire? Emperor
Which emperor divided the empire into two parts? Emperor Diocletian
What is the name of marketplace called? Forum
When did western Empire Roman Empire fall? 476 CE
What is Roman's favorite hobby? Go to the bath house
What large natural destruction occurred during ancient Rome Pompeii
What activities could daughters do Visit bath houses and stroll around parks
What was daughters expected to do? Get marry
Were the Romans originally monotheistic? No, they were polytheistic and eventually became monothesitic
Which civilization did the Roman Empire replaced? Ancient Greece
What will prisoner of war become when they are brought back to cities? Slaves
What were the two main languages of Roman Empire? Latin and Greek
Who is the famous dictator from Roman Empire? Julius Caesar
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