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What are the three civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia? The Sumerian The Babylonians The Assyrians
What did King Hammurabi create? The Code of Hammurabi
How many laws are in the Code of Hammurabi? There are at least 282 "cases of justice"
Name the three classes of Babylonian society. The amelu (awilum) The muskinu (mushkenum) The ardu (wardum)
How did social class impact punishments in the Babylonian society? The wealthier had less of a punishment (payed money), while the poorer had harsher ones (an eye for an eye)
What were some great invention of Mesopotamia? Base 60 Medicine and the beginning of surgery Ziggurat Math (360 degrees) Arches Wheels Ramps Brick technology Astronomy Writing Boats Time (60s) The calender A numbering system
What were the three stages of writing? And describe them. Pictograph - words through drawings and images Phonograph - characters represented sound Cuneiform - letters and alphabet
Why was the invention of writing so important? Stopped confusion from drawings, the people had one uniform way of communications, and ideas could be passed from generation to generation
The area where Mesopotamia was located is called? The Fertile Cresent
Which two rivers was Mesopotamia located between? The Tigris River The Euphrates River
What is an irrigation system? A system of canals and ditches to water crops
Why was the irrigation system important? The system could carry dammed water to the crops when there wasn't enough rain.
What did King Nebuchadnezzar II build? The Tower of Babel The Hanging Gardens
Anthropology is the study of? Humans
What conditions do organic item survive best in? In very wet or very dry conditions
Where did the first modern human come from? Africa
What happened in the Great Leap forward? The development of modern anatomy The beginning of innovative behaviour
What happened in the Neolithic Revolution? It was after the Paleolithic Era People started the domestication of plants and animals, they started to be less nomadic, and they decided to settle in one place
What is Radiocarbon Dating? A way to determine an object's age using carbon-14 (All living things have carbon-14 and it decays at a fixed rate when the living thing dies)
Summarize Darwin's theory of evolution. Evolution by natural selection Survival of the fittest
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