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Ancient Egypt

What is the key to immortality? Successful preservation of the body
Why was the Nile River so important? Life-giving floods, fertile soil = good agriculture
What does being a Pharaoh mean? Living god; Leader of army; Owner of all land and people; Priest of all Gods
How were women treated? They were well treated - had legal rights and could be economically independent
What is a canopic jar? Stored mummy's lungs, stomach, intestines and liver
What was the goal of education? To teach children self control and manners
What is Ma'at? The concept of order, truth and justice. One needs to follow Ma'at to enter the afterlife.
How were jobs determined? Jobs were passed down within families; father to son.
Who is remembered for the Great Pyramid of Giza? Pharaoh Khufu
Who is Howard Carter? He discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922.
Who was able to enter the most scared places of Egypt's temples? Pharaohs and priests
Was appearance important? Yes
Who were slaves? Prisoners of war
The Egyptians worshiped many gods. What is the term used to describe this? Polytheistic
What kind of worship was introduced with Pharaoh Akhenaton's as pharaoh? Monotheistic
Who is the only pharaoh shown with flaws in art pieces? (i.e. pot belly) Pharaoh Akhenaton
Who did Pharaoh Akhenaton want all Egyptians to worship? Aton
In what kind of tomb was King Tut buried in? A noble's tomb
Who returned the polytheistic religion after Akhenaton? King Tut
Which pharaoh seduced Ceasar? Cleopatra
What happened to Egypt after Cleopatra 's death? It was ruled as a Roman province
Is Cleopatra a descendant of Egypt? No
What is Ramses II remembered for? His colossal buildings
How were people buried in the very beginning? In the sand.
Who was the pharaoh that was portrayed with a beard? Hatshepsut
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