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Ancient China

Which leader used oracle bones to tell the future? King Shang
How did the mountains and rivers of ancient China influence the development? The Yellow river allowed agriculture to be possible Neolithic cultures developed along the Yellow river Yangtze river was ideal for cultivating rice Mountains created provincial boundaries
What are some key beliefs of legalism? Human nature is wicked people only do good when forced to punishments should fit the crime family/neighbours or those who are guilty must also be punished Goal was to keep people in line
What were the duties of the emperor? Made the laws Educated people Responsible for welfare Performed certain sacrifices Son of heaven and kept the universe in balance
What was the purpose of the Great Wall The Great Wall protected them from Mongols and isolated them from other groups
What was the Silk Road? Silk Road was a trade route connection between China and Europe (exportation of goods, and transmit culture)
Why did women bind their feet? Men found small feet beautiful Their toes were bent under their feet
What was the purpose of the Grand Canal? To link the North and the South And to connect the Yellow River and Yangtze river
What was the "Mandate of Heaven"? Heaven chooses a ruler and rids the world of bad rulers
What are the levels of the examination system and why were students locked in a cell? There are 3 levels Prefecture, Capital, and Palace They are locked in a cell to answer questions about Confucian classics and matters on current afairs
What are differences between the Han law code and the Hammurabi? The Han law code was specific and followed a series of "What ifs?" And they believed in guilty until proven innocent
Which belief matches with the saying "While his parents are alive, a son may not move far away"? Confuciuscism
Which belief matches with the saying "The way to end suffering is to stop desiring things"? Buddhism
Which belief matches with the saying "The best way to run the world is to leave it alone"? Daoism
What are emperor Shi Haungdi's key accomplishments? Built the Great Wall of China Created a common currency Built the terracotta warriors Created a common system of weights and measures
What was King Shang most known for? Invented the lunar calendar Invented the art of silk making Buried his servants alive
How did emperor Han contribute to Ancient China's history during his rule? He established the Silk road He believed in merit instead of birth He promoted literature
Which dynasty did the Mongols have control over Ancient China? Yuan Dynasty
What were some general conclusions about Chinggis Khan? He was an effective leader He overthrew his enemies He was decisive, respects loyalty and justice He was ruthless
What are the positive impacts of the Mongol conquests? Displacement of people lead to exchanging of ideas,goods, and styles Mongols spared artisans, scribes, merchants and young women Gave the poor government welfare
What are the negative impacts of the Mongol conquests? Slaughtered defeated soldiers and civilians Destroyed towns and irrigation systems Brought diseases Took high taxes after conquering places
Created by: Shirley