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Religious Studies

Key Words (Relationships, LFM, OW, IIF)

Chastity Remaining sexually pure for marriage.
Love One of the most powerful human emotions that joins people together.
Commitment Sense of dedication or obligation to someone or something.
Conflict Stresses and strains in a relationship.
Reconciliation Saying sorry and making up after conflict.
Responsibility Actions you are expected to carry out.
Creation The way in which something is uniquely made.
Humanity All of the people who live on the earth.
Dominion Being in charge and having power over others.
Environment The surroundings of a place in which human beings live.
Soul The part of human nature which is spiritual in form and influences an individuals personality.
Stewardship God given responsibility to care for the earth.
Authority Power over others through position or moral teaching.
Identity Sense of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personality.
Prejudice Judging people to be inferior or superior without cause.
Equality State in which everyone has equal rights.
Injustice Where everyone is not treated with fairness.
Afterlife Continuation of human life after death.
God Ultimate and supreme power to whom worship is given.
Awe Sense of wonder to God's creation or presence.
Revelation Way in which God chooses to reveal God's nature to people.
Community Group of people who are joined together because they share something in common.
Symbolism Representation of an idea through actions and images.
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