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All humanities

Reparations Goods or money demanded by the winning countries from defeated countries
Terms of the Treaty Of Versailles Germany lost a lot of land, they were to pay billions of dollars for damage and accept blame for the war
The terms of the Treaty of Versailles were harsh on Germany because Clemencau wanted to make Germany pay
Who was Clemenceau? A French Statesman
How did Germany suffer from the Treaty of Versailles Economic problems, violence, unemployment and uprisings
League of Nations Formed to prevent more wars. Germany and Russia excluded
Who was Adolf Hitler? A german politician who was leader of the Nazi Party
What was the Nazi Party A political group that ruled Hermany between 1933 and 1945. Stands for National Socialist German Workers Party
How did the Nazis break the terms of the Treaty of Versailles They rearmed and marched through demilitarised zones
Appeasement Giving something to a power to keep the peace
Why did WW2 start? Germany attacked Poland for no reason so France declared war on Germany
Who were allied powers? Britain, France and the US
Who were the axis powers? Germany, Italy and Japan
Aims of The Final Solution To exterminate all racially impure people to recreate a stronger Germany in a new state, the Third Reich
When did the Final Solution occur? 20th January, 1942
Who were the victims of The Final Solution Jews, gypsies and disabled people
Where did Australia fight in the Middle East? Greece and Crete
D-Day When the allies invaded northern France through beach landings in Normandy
When did the war in Europe end? 7th May, 1945
What zones was Germany divided into? Soviet, American, British and French zones
When did the Pacific War occur? December 7th, 1941
Pearl Harbour is A place in Hawaii, where the Japanese bombed
Why was the fall of Singapore significant to Australia? Because it made Australia vulnerable to the Japanese
Kokoda A trail in Papua New Guinea, used in the Pacific War
Why was Kokoda important? Because it was the first time that the Japanese had been stopped since the start of the war
Where were the Nuclear bombs dropped in Japan? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Why did America drop nuclear bombs on Japan To stop the war ASAP
Communism Where the government owns all property
Which countries were Communist Russia and the Soviets (Eastern Bloc)
Capitalism Where property is mostly owned by individuals. There is freedom of speech and movement
Which countries were Capitalist USA and Britain (Western Bloc)
What is a domino theory? The idea that once one country became communist, the rest would follow
When did the Korean War start? June 1950
Why did the Korean War start? Because North attacked South
How did the Korean War end? When Korea divided with a demilitarised zone to seperate it. The border was called the 38th parallel
McCarthyism Making political accusations of being communist without evidence
What was the Petrov Affair? A Cold War spy incident
How did the Menzies Government use the Petrov Affair to their advantage? To win the election
When did the Labour Party split? In 1955
Why did Australia fight in the Vietnam war? They didn't want Vietnam to fall into communism and they were happy to fight overseas and keep the war out of Australia. They were also obliged to support the US
Who did the US and Australia fight in the Vietnam war? The French
Who was Ho Chi Minh The leader of North Vietnam
What are moratorium marches? A protest to show the power of the anti-war movement
How did the Vietnam War end? When Australia and the US withdrawed. Saigon ended up falling under North Vietnam rule
Why was the United Nations founded at the end of WW2? To maintain peace and recognise human rights
Why was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights needed? Because of the lack of Human Rights in WW2
Why did the Civil Rights movement occur in America? Because African Americans were being treated as inferior and people were making connections with the Holocaust
Who was Martin Luther King? A baptist minister and leader of the Civil Rights Movement
What methods were used in the Civil Rights Movement Non-violent civil disobedience, sit ins, bus boycotts, marches and speeches
A referendum A vote in Australia on a topic passed in Parliament
Native Title Recognising that Aborignal people are the traditional owners of Australia
Reconciliation Unity and respect between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians
Who was Charlie Perkins? Organised the 1965 Freedom Ride
The Tent Embassy Tents established outside Old Parliament House as a protest for Indigenous Rights
The Mabo decision The final decision that in 1788 white settlers had taken the land from its traditional owners