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Review Ch.6-8

Ch.6-8 of Morality and Ch.6 of Growing in Love

an ongoing conversation with God prayer
our model of living a moral life; Jesus uses this to teach us how to pray Lord's Prayer
can be used to show love, or care, inspire or encourage, destroy, degrade, or detract power of language
thought, word, or deed that shows desrespect, contempt, or hatred for God or the Church blasphemy
uses swear words and God's name in vain or to put down or show hatred or ill will to another person or God cursing
uses foul language; shows lack of maturity or awareness for what is really being said swearing
to lie under oath to God and to the people perjury
Sabbath in Judaism is ________ evening until ________ evening Friday;Saturday
Sabbath in Christianity was moved so that it begins _______ evening and ends ________ evening Saturday;Sunday
Why was the Sabbath moved in Christianity? commanded by God in the 10 Commandments; shows reverence and respect for Jesus's ressurection
memorial of Christ's life, death, and ressurection the Mass
"to give thanks" Eucharist
The Eucharist is the ________ and ________ of our Christian life. source;summit
How do you come to Mass? out of love and thanksgiving to God
"growing into adulthood" adolescence
"to listen" obedience
doing something that is asked of us, especially by our parents, that is immoral and violates our conscience blind obedience
most important teachers on moral education parents
All true authority comes from ________. God
types of conflicts sibling rivalry;parental;parent/child;friendships and extended family;work;school
ways to resolve conflicts talk;no name-calling;time out/cool off;letter;don't go to bed angry;positive & constructive criticism;don't be defensive;"I" language;say "I'm sorry"
Just War Doctrine - conditions for war just cause;legitimate authority;comparative justice;right intention;probability of success;proportionality;last resort
job is to take care of all life, but especially human life. stewards of creation
acts that destroy human life abortion;euthanasia;death penalty;suicide
deliberate killing of an unborn child abortion
assisted death of a seriously ill or dying person euthanasia
killing of a convicted person death penalty
taking of one's own life suicide
What is the exception for suicide? not in the right mind due to depression or a mental illness
Why is that the exception for suicide? it's beyond their control
the process by which one dies naturally, without the interference of outside influences natural death
ways we take care of our gift of life from God physical health;mental and emotional health;spiritual health
paying attention to the things we do to our bodies physical health
examples of physical health sleeping;eating right;staying away from things that hurt us
by communicating with God, our friends, and family, we can learn to express ourselves in a way that promotes understanding instead of anger and conflict mental and emotional health
How do we avoid stress and stay fresh and focused? give ourselves rest emotionally and physically
Our ________ defines who we are in God. spirit
honoring God through prayer, worship, and charity to others; using our talents and gifts to show that we love God and others spiritual health



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