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Carnegie ICVT Cumul

In class cumulative Reviews 1-18

Identify catheter components labeled such as: primary curve, secondary curve, tertiary curve, side holes 0 2 will go downstream and waveform won't dampen or ventricularize
What do the letters TVP stand for? Transvenous Pacing
What code letters indicate that the TVP mode is asynchronous? VOO
In the fetal heart what embryologic tissue forms the atrio-ventricular groove, the A-V valves, the septum primum and the peri-membranous portion of the ventricular septum? endocardial cushions- can get total AV canal defect
The intersection of the posterior atrioventricular groove and the posterior interventricular groove forms the crux of the heart. What vessel descends down from that junction? PDA - posterior descending artery
Be ble to identify Mobitz I Wenkebach. long longer longer, drop
Can Mobitz I occur with PEA? Yes
How is Mobitz I with PEA treated? CPR, Epi, Atropine
Correct energy sequence for biphasic defibrillation in 2013 is: In VF or pulseless VT 120- 200 Joules; start with 120 Joules and increase in steps up to 200
What type of EKG pattern is likely with the T wave in pericarditis? Upwardly concave
Which type of angiogram would be most likely to best define aortic insufficiency? 45 LAO supravalvular aortogram - All contrast should be going forward. If you see the LV = aortic regurgitation
Central venous pressure ( or Right Atrial) can directly assess what? fluid status (Normal RA pressure = 5)
PEA can be caused by what? Hypovolemia, Hypoxia, Hyperkalemia, hypokalemia, Thrombus(probably PE), Trauma(Commtio Cardis), Toxins (drug overdose), pneumothorax
The most important intervention in cardiac arrest is early defibrillation
Should it be necessary to defibrillate a patient with a permanent pacemaker, the defibrillator paddles should be placed: At least 1 inch away from generator
Name a suction device and be able to identify it in a picture Yankauer
Be able to visually identify a rake and blade and know what it is retractor
The physician orders 2000 units of unfractionated heparin IV. To check for the proper level of anticoagulation draw the first ACT: 5 minutes after administered
20 yr old asymptomatic male with percutaneous ASD closure. Transthoracic echo shows right atrial & right ventricular dilation. TEE shows 5mm ostium secundum defect. Data obtained at cardiac cath: SVC 91, RA 85, IVC 77, RV 84, MPA 82, LA 98. Next step? Get high SVC sat to rule out partial anomalous pulmonary venous return - close ASD & move PV to LA in same surgery
Why a high alert warning on IV heparin bag? Heparin flush for drip pressure tubing is 1,000 units in 250ml. Acute MI 25,000 units in 250ml. So you don't mix up the two
Be able to identify catheters: Multipurpose A and B, JL short tip, Voda Left, Amplatz left
What radiologic view is usually best to manage the normal origin of the right coronary ostium? 30 to 40 LAO
What is the principle cause of pulmonic valve stenosis? congenital
What happens when a catheter is deep seated in an artery? Ventricularization of the waveform
The Corindus robotic 6 French catheter has an outer diameter of? 2mm
Review the picture in question number 4 cumulative review6. What rhythm is it? electrical alternans associated with pericardial effusion
Post MI your patient develops orthopnea, hemoptysis and bilateral crackles. He has: LV failure with pulmonary edema
The condition caused by being hit in the chest with enough force to cause trauma is called commotio cordis
What medication potentiates contrast nephropathy? Glucophage
What type of wire is used with OTW balloons? Exchange length
Match Jacky catheter: Shepherd's Crook Right, Superior takeoff LMCA, Dilated aortic root, Radial approach, Inferior takeoff Radial approach
Match Arani 75: Shepherd's Crook Right, Superior takeoff LMCA, Dilated aortic root, Radial approach, Inferior takeoff Shepherd's Crook Right
Match Amplatz left 4: Shepherd's Crook Right, Superior takeoff LMCA, Dilated aortic root, Radial approach, Inferior takeoff Superior takeoff LMCA
Match Judkins Left 6: Shepherd's Crook Right, Superior takeoff LMCA, Dilated aortic root, Radial approach, Inferior takeoff Dilated aortic root
Match Hockey Stick: Shepherd's Crook Right, Superior takeoff LMCA, Dilated aortic root, Radial approach, Inferior takeoff Inferior take-off
What drug does the ACT machine tests the effect of? Heparin
What should the ACT be during an intervention? Above 200- 250
What should the ACT be when pulling a sheath? below 160
What is the mitraclip system used for? Mitral valve regurgitation
How is it possible to havbe a pullback and a simultaneous in the same tracing? Pigtail from LV to AO, while femoral sheath records arterial pressure
Diastoli gradient plus cannon v-waves plus atrial fibrillation = what? Mixed mitral regurgitation with stenosis
ABG's read: pH 7.53, pO2 85, pCO2 25, HCO3 22. This is: uncompensated respiratory alkalosis
What solution is in the arterial pressure bag and what should it be pumped up to? Heparin 1000 units, pump up to 300
What will be seen on the EKG with hyperkalemia? Big T waves, too much potassium = heart stops
In x-ray production amperage is increased by doing what? # of electrons heating tungsten cathode coil thereby increasing thermionic emission
What is done for HOCM? septal myectomy or if not a surgical candidate then alcohol ablation with balloon catheter
In x-ray production, increasing the voltage is accomplished by doing what? Increasing positive charge on rotating anode
In X-ray production kVp has what affect on image quality? Increased penetration, improved image brightness, especially in larger patients
How could a deep vein thrombosis cause a Transient Ischemic Attack? Embolus passes through ASD to LA to LV to AO to brain "cryptogenic stroke"
What is used to treat Torsades? 1 G Magnesium Sulfate
How does Magnesium Sulfate help with Torsades? provides essential mineral for Na K pump
Which angiographic view will produce the highest exposure to staff on the right side of the patient? LAO cranial
A catheter with an outer diameter of 4mm would be _____ French. 12 French
The first antiarrhythmic administered in the management of the patient in pulseless ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation is: Amiodarone
When starting an IV, how far should the tourniquet be placed above the site being examined for access? 6 inches
What "clot buster", now used for accelerated thrombolysis with the Ekos ultrasound catheter, was originally extracted from the human kidney cells? Urokinase (We use Alteplase or Tenektoplase now)
What are rigors? Uncontrollable involuntary shaking
What causes rigors? Adverse effect of contrast
What medication is used to treat rigors? Demerol
What is urticaria? hives
What causes urticaria? Allergic reaction
What medication is used to treat urticaria? Benadryl
What is an anaphylactoid reaction? Reaction involving more than 1 organ system
What premedications are used for patients with documented prior contrast allergy? Methylprednisone, Benadryl, Famotidine, or Ranitidine
Name a medication for bronchospasm, provided in breathing treatments by respiratory therapists Albuterol
What is a pyrogen reaction sometimes associated with contrast administration? Hot feeling, usually short lasting
The unit which measures the electrical current of the x-ray tube is the: milliamp or mAs (The # of xrays you're creating)
Be ab;e to calculate serum osmolarity Ex if sodium is 140, glucose 140 and BUN 15 280 + 7 + 3 = 290 ie: 2 sodium + (Glucose /20) + (BUN/5)
Be able to calculate maximum allowable contrast total if a pt weighs 150kg with a creatinine of 3 (150 x5) /3 = 250ml
Elective cath patients with renal insufficiency may be given oral_______ preprocedure Mucomyst (acetylcysteine)
Intravenous Mannitol may be helpful in treating or preventing what post catheterization? contrast induced nephropathy (acute tubular necrosis)
The Amplatzer Cardiac Plug is used for Left atrial appendage closure preventing stroke due to mural thrombus embolization
Created by: ICVT2b
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