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Aboriginal History

Hist106 Assignment

What Act was established in 1897? Aboriginal Protection and restriction of the sale of opium Act
Where Indigenous Queenslanders ever fully reimbursed for their lost wages? No
What was Palm Island? It was a government reserve set up in the 1920s as a place of punishment for non-compliant Aborigines
What was the purpose of the Act? To protect Indigenous Australians from physical, sexual and employment abuses
Was Queensland the only State/Territory that had these laws? No
How much 'Pocket Money' per cent was Aboriginal workers entitled to? Between 30 and 80
Was Aboriginal child labour being used during this period? Yes
Was the Aboriginal workforce crucial to Australia's development? Yes
Did the government ensure that employers would pay their workers their full wages? No
What is an appropriate description of Australian Indigenous people Australian Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people
Did the Queensland government ever put out a official record of the conditions Yes, Queensland Government Gazette
Were Aboriginal workers exploited under the act? Yes
When was the first trust fund set up? 1904
In what year did Aboriginal workers obtain control of their trust? 1970
When did an internal inquiry about Aboriginal worker wage happen? 1932
When was the Human Rights Commission Inquiry into underpaid wages on Palm Island ? 1996
What Act was implemented in 1975? Racial Discrimination Act
Which government administration granted compensation for wage loss? Borbidge Coalition Government
How much is the maximum compensation for underpaid workers in 2008 7000
Created by: studystill