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10th Grade Chapter18

French Revolution and Napoleon

One important result of the French Revolution was that Political power shifted to the bourgeoisie
Th e most common result of the European revolutions of the late 18th and 19th centuries was that they Lead to a broadening of the vote
In France which was a major result of the French Revolution The middle class gained political influence
In a number of European countries in the 1800s, which situation occurred as a result of the influence of the French Revolution? rise of nationalistic movements
The French bourgeoisie supported the French Revolution mainly because they resented their lack of political power under the Old Regime
Which statement is a valid generalization about the immediate results of the French Revolution of 1789? The French middle class gained more power
A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that prerevolutionary governments fail to meet the political and economic needs of their people.
A primary cause of the French Revolution in 1789 was the increasing dissatisfaction of the Third Estate
Which issue was a cause of the French Revolution? demand for the Third Estate for more political power.
Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobins are best known for instituting the Reign of Terror
The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would provide stability for the nation
Which factors helped cause the defeat of Napoleon during his invasion of Russia? the severe winters and large size of Russia
One major effect of Napoleon's rule of France was that it led to a restoration of political stability
The French and Russian revolutions were similar in that both were led primarily by members of the middle class
The French Revolution and the Russian Bolshevik Revolution were similar because following both revolutions dictators came to power promising an improved society
A study of the causes of the American, French, and Russian Revolutions indicates that revolutions usually occur because the existing government has been resistant to change
The French Revolution and the Cuban Revolution were similar in that both were caused by the failure of the government to meet the needs of the people
The Russian Revolution and the French Revolution both resulted in violent political change
The American and French Revolutions were turning points in global history because the results of these revolutions inspired other peoples seeking democracy and independence
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