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peace When people get along and there is harmony in a community
ministry Special duties carried out by priests and lay people to serve god
Reflection Thinking deeply about certain aspects of life
Tolerance Allowing other to believe in their beliefs
Fundamentalism The view that the sacred text is a factual account and is to be taken literally
Sin Thoughts, words that would damage your relationship with God
Inter faith dialogue Open honest discussion between major world religions
Materialism The view that only material things are real
Atheist Denies the view of God
Agnostcism Doesn't know weather God exists or not
Monotheism The belief in 1 God
Denomination A group within the Christianity with its own leaders
Icon A sacred image which is used in a form or prayer. Usually in Orthodox Churches
Creed/Ethic A summary of a religions deeply held beliefs and moral principles
Liberterianism The view that people should be free to behave the way they choose to without the interference of the state
Awe and wonder Feelings inspired by mysterious aspects of life
Pluralism The view that all groups in society must have an equal representation
Morality The set of principles/rules which outline the difference between right and wrong
Integrity Being upright and honest. Sticking to one's moral principles
Ecumenism The movement to make all christian churches more unite
conscience The ability to judge and know what is right and wrong in a certain situation
Conteplation Deep silent prayer that doesnt use words/ thoughts
Synoptic To be alike or similiar
Revelation The way in god chooses to make himself known to people
Preaching To speak out and explain religious truth and urge people to act on it
Reconciliation Making the effort to restore and repair a relationship
Vocation Feeling to be called by god to serve others
Humanism The view that rejects religion and makes sense of life through human reasons
Immoral know the difference between right and wrong and chooses to do wrong decisions
moral knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses to do whats right
justice to treat everyone fairly and respect their beliefs
Authoritarian Leader decides everything
Enabling Group decides everything
Consultative Leader asks group for opinions and uses them to make a decision
Leadership Pope- Serves god by leadership of the church cardinals- serves god by acting a chief. Each country Archbishop- arch diocese bishop-spreads catholic faith in diocese Priest-Looks after religious welfare in parish Lay people- help the priest
authority the power a leader has to make decisions in a community/group
community breakdown when a group stops working together and sharing and falls apart
commitment time and talent given to a community
co-operation working together to achieve a common goal
mary magdalene moses gandhi khadijah sidhartha gautama christianity judaism buddhism islam hindusim
apostles creed paritta shadah shema rig veda christianity buddhism islam judaism hinduism
gospel quran tenakh tirpitaka vedas christianity islam judaism buddhism hindusim
varansi wailing wall medina holy land bodh gaya hindusim judaism islam holy land buddhism
synagogue church mosque temple mandir judaism Christianity islam buddhism hindusim
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