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Global- Ghostlaw

Regents Review

Racial Segregation in South Africa Apartheid
Where do people live? Near Water
Supporters of Lenin Bolsheviks
stop the spread of communism Containment
Domesticated plants and animals;development of farming/ villages began to form Neolithic Revolution
What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Belief that one's culture is better than everyone else's Ethnocentrism
A peasant revolt led by the Chinese Boxer Rebellion
The continent most associated with the Berlin Conference Africa
person that brought the Ottoman Empire to its most prosperous point Suleiman the Magnificent
Nailed the 95 thesis to the Church door Martin Luther
The three ancient civilizations of Latin America Mayas, Aztecs, Incas
Dynasty most responsible for the completion of The Great Wall of China Ming Dynasty
Religion associated with the Five Pillars Islam
Religion associated with the Noble Truths Buddhism
War that developed the use of trench warfare World War One
The two rivers that flow through Ancient Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates
Largest river in the world; flows through Egypt Nile River
The Ancient Roman Empire is associated with what major body of water Mediterranean Sea
Key leader of Latin American Independence movements Simon Bolivar
Continent where the Andes Mountains can be found South America
A rigid social structure that divides the Hindu people in India Caste System
Isolated China from India Himalayan Mountains
Block lettering developed by the Sumerians Cuneiform
City States developed here Ancient Greece
Mansa Musa is known most for his spread of what religion Islam
Ghana and Mali are most known for trading what Gold and Salt
Capital city of Christianity; fell to the ottomans in 1453 Constantinople
The Crusades were fought over this piece of Holy Land Jerusalem
These two belief systems were involved with the Crusades Christianity and Islam
BENN represents what in Buddhism Buddha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Noble Truths
The vedas are the sacred text of what religion Hinduism
Lead the fight for Independence from the British Empire first in South Africa and then in India Gandhi
First developed the heliocentric theory and challenged the church's authority Copernicus
Broke away form the catholic church in order to get a divorce King Henry
Led the Cuban Revolution; known dictator Fidel Castro
not choosing sides neutrality
the mixing of two or more cultures cultural diffusion
River in China; also known as the Huang He Yellow River
Law code: "An eye for an eye" Hammurabi's Code
Divine right to rule in China Mandate of Heaven
1st major dynasty of China Han Dynasty
A time of peace and prosperity in Ancient Rome Pax Romana
Belief that every living thing has a spirit Animism
belief system based on respect; introduced civil service exam Confucianism
Belief system that states you should follow the way of nature Taosim
The holy text of Islam Quran
The prophet of Islam Mohammad
Dynasty that developed porcelain Tang
An Empire in India known for its Golden Age Gupta Empire
Empire that developed the concept of zero and the decimal system Gupta Empire
written set of laws that developed in the Byzantine Empire Justinian Code
Rigid Social Structure developed by the Spanish in Latin America Encomienda System
Exchange of protection and land during the Middle Ages Feudalism
Basis of a feudal economy;based on a self sufficient manor manorialism
Two countries involved in the 100 years war England and France
spread quickly through Europe killing millions during the Dark Ages Black Plague
a rebirth of Greek and Roman Culture with a focus on art, math, science, and literature Renaissance
Wrote The Prince Machiavelli
Developed during the Renaissance; focused less on religion and more on the individual Humanism
Developed by Johanna Gutenberg printing press
Invention that allowed ideas to spread quickly and taught people how to read printing press
Family that controlled Japan for 300 years Tokugawa
Most responsible for spreading the Mongol Empire Genghis Khan
European explorer that traveled to China and inspired others to travel east Marco Polo
An awesome band with hits starting in the early 90's Blink 182
Motto of European Travels headed to the New World God, Gold, and Glory
He conquered the Aztecs Cotez
He conquered the Incas Pizarro
Civilization in latin America lnown for its extensive road and bridge system Incas
When King Henry broke away from the catholic Church he developed this new church Anglican Church
selling pieces of paper that forgave people's sins indulgences
Ruled by a king or queen Monarchy
When a monarch rules with absolute power it is called Absolutism
Developed one of India's Golden Ages Akbar the Great
Built the palace of Versailles King Louis XIV
first responsible for Westernizing and Modernizing Russia Peter the Great
English Bill of Rights developed during this period Glorious Revolution
Fertile land/soil near a river delta is called black land
People used reason and free thinking to guide them rather the the catholic Church Enlightenment
The three estates were involved in this Revolution French Revolution
He took over of the reign of terror and the execution of King Louis XVI Napoleon Bonaparte
Led the Haitian people in a Revolution against France in Latin America Toussanit L' Overture
A key leader for Independence in Latin America...not Simon Bolivar Jose de San Martin
Latin American country colonized by Portugal Brazil
Gifted military leader, spread democracy in Europe, improved economy, banished to Island of Elba Napoleon Bonaparte
Having pride in one's country Nationalism
Taking over a country for Natural Resources Imperialism
Rebellion led by Indian soldiers in India against the British Sepoy Mutiny
Two primary religions of India Islam and Hinduism
Largest river in India; sacred to the Hindu religion Ganges River
Term that means clear cutting a forest deforestation
the build up of a military militarism
Industrial Revolution started here; had good harbors for trade and many colonies to get natural resources from England
Father of Communism Karl Marx
War between Britain and China; Britain won and forced China to open trade with them Opium war
An area of the world where one country wants to be the major power in the area is called this Sphere of Influence
Best Hockey Team Ever Boston Bruins
Period of modernization in Japan; late 1800's Meiji Restoration
Largest reason one country imperializes another natural resources
Caused World War one MAIN
created after the end of World War 1 to prevent future wars..it was a failure League o Nations
Racist Nationalist Fascist
Germany's poor economic situation allowed him to take control Hitler
the political party of Hitler Nazi Party
Hitler's master plan to create an Aryan race and exterminate the Jewish people The Holocaust
Leader of the Cultural Revolution in China Mao Zedong
Burning of books and art that was viewed as negative to communism Cultural Revolution
An attempt by Mao Zedong after World War 2 to modernize China, but failed Great leap Forward
modernized Russia during World War 2, took over businesses and farms, and killed millions of Russians over his period of rule Stalin
The four key nations of the Allied Powers during World War 2 United States, Russia, France, Great Britain
This empire collapsed after World War 1 Ottoman Empire
term used to describe lightning war blitzkrieg
Trails to punish war criminals of the Holocaust Nuremberg Trials
Karl Marx wrote this Communism Manifesto
If one nation falls to communism they all will Domino Theory
Great Rock Band songs include Smells Like Teen Spirit; Also one of the N's in BENN Nirvana
Violent nationalist who drove out the British in Kenya Jomo Kenyatta
Massive Genocide between the Hutu and Tutsi Rwanda Genocide
Created by: dghostla