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Chapter 30

Common Chemistry Tests

Test Abbreviation Test NameReferance RangeClinical Significance
Ca Calcium 8.5-10.5 m/dL Parathyroid Disorders
CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen >5.0 ng/mL smoker >3.0 ng/mL nonsmoker Various Types of cancer
PSA Prostate-specific antigen 0-4 ng/mL Prostate cancer and prostate disorders
CK, CPK Creatine Kinase Males: 12-70 u/mL Females: 10-55 u/mL Cardiac Muscle Damage
Creat Creatinine 0.4-1.5 mg/dL Renal Function
(Analytes) Na (Electrolytes) Sodium 136-145 mEq/L Diabetes Insipidus, Diarrhea, and dehydration
K Potassium 3.5-5.0 mEq/L Diuretic therapy, Starvation and Liver Disease
Cl Chloride 96-110 mEq/L Renal disease, CHF, anemia, dehydration
(Glucose) FBS Fasting Blood sugar 70-110 mg/dL All tests listed help to diagnose and manage diabetes
2 HPP Two-Hour postprandial >140 mg/dL Same as above
GTT Glucose Tolerance Test 1/2 hr: 110-170 mg/dL 1 hour: 120-170 mg/dL 2 Hour: 70-120 mg/dL 3 Hour: 60-120 mg/dL Same as above
HbA1c Hemoglobin A1c 4.5-6.5 Indicates blood glucose control over the previous three month period
(NO ABBREV) Lipase 0-1.5 U/mL Acute pancreatitis, Pancreatic cancer
Chol Total Cholesterol >200 mg/dL Coronary Artery disease and also assesses the risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
HDL (good) High-density Lipoprotein Males: 37-70 mg/dL Females: 40-85 mg/dL Same as above
LDL (bad) Low-density Lipoprotein >130 mg/dL Same as above
Trig Triglycerides 20-180 mg/dL Same as above
Mg, Mag Magnesium 1.2-2.4 mEq/L Malnutrition, Diarrhea, Pancreatitis
PT Prothrombin Time 10-13.4 Seconds Abnormal bleeding disorders and anticoagulation therapy
SGOT, AST Serum Glutamicoxaloacetic Transaminase 5-40 U/L MI, Muscular Dystrophy, infectious Mono and liver disease
SGPT, ALT Serum Glutamicpyruvic Transaminase 7-56 U/L Liver disorders, MI, Muscular dystrophy
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 0.3-4.5 mU/mL Thyroid Disorders
T3 Triidothyronine 4.5-13.0 mU/mL Same as above
T4 Thyroxine 280-480 pg/dL same as above
UA Uric Acid Males: 3.5-7.2 mg/dL Females: 2.6-6.0 mg/dL Renal Failure, gout, leukemia, and lymphomas
ALB Albumin 3.0-5.0 g/dL Liver, Kidney and Nutritional Status
AMS Amylase 25-125 IU/L Pancreatic Disease
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