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Yearlong Essentials

Years essential terms

Where something is. 240*W 120* E Location
A source or supply from which a benefit is produced Resource
Plans governments have on how to handle situations Policy
Someone who moves into country. Immigrant
Countries with similar beliefs that support each other Alliances
A dramatic change Revolution
Groups between the rich and poor Middle Class
A government with a king or queen Monarchy
Land that produces a lot of food is called Fertile
The ability to read and write Literacy
Large scale production of food for sale Commercial farming
A country that lacks technology Undeveloped
Products sold to make a profit Cash crops
Making only enough money or food for your families survival Subsistence
Countries adding technology or industry Developing
How long people live in an area Life expectancy
Common characteristics of people in an area Culture
Countries with technology and industry Developed
To adapt something wild to human use Domestication
Things people do to make money in an area Economy
A person who invests money to start a business Entrepreneur
A person who is a buyer of user of a product Consumer
A person who makes and sells a product Producer
A preference or prejudice Bias
An overthrow (usually violent) of a government Coup
The weather in an area over a long period of time Climate
A map showing countries and boundaries Political Map
A map showing landforms Physical Map
Living in the city Urban
Living outside the city Rural
Information to sway someones beliefs. Often half truths or lies. Propaganda
A lack of food or water Famine
Characteristics of a location. What makes it different? Place
The way people change their environment. Human Environmental Interaction
Mobility of goods/people/ideas Movement
Areas defined by unifying characteristics Regions
Natural features on the Earth Landforms
Land that is controlled outside a nations borders Empire
An increase in prices Inflation
A leader who has absolute power Dictator
Deadly disease that wiped out much of Europe's population Plague
A government in which people vote Democracy
A person who has no single, settled home. Moves from place to place. Nomad
More of a thing or product than is needed. Surplus
A society with cities, a central government, and workers who specialize in certain jobs. Civilization
A group of people with similar backgrounds, wealth, and a way of living. Ranking in society Social Classes
A professional writer Scribes
A time when there is so little food that many people starve Famine
A family of rulers. Dynasty
Re birth of a soul in the body of another living thing Reincarnation
Lowest class of most societies - Typically involved in farming. Peasants
How crowded an area is; the number of people per square mile. Population Density
To move from one place to settle (live) in another. Migration
The kind of money used by a group or nation. Currency
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