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Module 3

UA 1 -- Chapter 27 Urinalysis Test Review

What gives urine its Color? Urochrome
Colorless Urine Very dilute
Straw - Yellow Urine Normal
Dark Yellow to Amber Very concentrated
Orange Analgesics; Antibiotics
Cloudy Pink, Red, Reddish Brown Hematuria (intact RBCs); Hemoglobinuria (ruptured RBCs)
Yellow-Brown to Yellow-Green Bilirubin
Brown Oxidized RBCs
Black Presence of melanin, Flagyl and certain hypertensives
Green-Blue to Green Pseudomonas, anti-depressants, Clorets
When should you use Non-Sterile containers? Random UA
Specific Gravity (Sp.Gr.) Renal/kidney's ability to concentrate urine (normal range 1.003-1.030)
Urinary analysis can give us information about… Many systems in the body
Renal Threshold Point at which a substance reaches a blood cocentration high enough for kidneys to start removing it and it is detected in urine
What would you do with a specimen a Pt brings into the office in a mayo jar? Discard, provide with sterile container and request new sample
What type of UA is performed if only using a Reagent Strip (dipstick)? Random
What is the purpose of a Clean Catch? To remove normal flora. Normal flora can impact the test results.
Cloudy urine can be present for many reasons. Some of which are… Presence of bacteria, WBCs, RBCs, protien or lipids, as well as other possible causes.
Which test is used to check glucose in urine? Clinitest -- note that if glucose is high, ketones may also be high.
False positive for blood in urine most likely indicates what? Pt is in menses (menstrual cycle)
A Pt that has just worked out will most likely see an increase in what? Ketones
Supernatant The clear fluid above sediment after centrifugation (spinning)
How should you view a cloudy urine specimen? First mix well then hold up to light source
The higher the concentration of urine, the higher the what? Specific Gravity (Sp.Gr.)
What percentage of urine is water? 95%
What are three terms used for expelling urine? Urination, Micturition, Voiding
What is the minimum volume of urine needed for testing? 10-12 mL
When should you refrigerate a urine specimen? When it cannot be tested within 1-2 hours
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